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My Late Sunday Reflection, Bullying of The Working-Class

ome time ago, around 2009, I went to the social service building in downtown Buffalo, seeking for assistance with my electric bill. They gave me a loan to pay the over-due bill, and now, they want the loan back. 444 more words


"The Morning I Woke Up A Man" by Brian James

The Night I Woke Up a Man

Just days before graduation & life was really on the horizon. Even on the longest of Monday’s, my smile had nowhere to hide. 3,335 more words

Brian James

"Check Please" by Brian James

Check Please

 Frustrated with living in the world of selfies and unread texts, I watched the Hennessey slowly fall onto the ice as the bartender, easily mistaken for a perfectionist, poured my favorite drink. 1,149 more words

Brian James

Official "Straight Outta Compton" Movie Trailer! Amazing! [VIDEO]

Haven’t been this excited for a movie in years! What do you think?


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It’s All One Thing #56: 6th Great Mass Extinction

We all feel it. At the meeting to plan to protest the evacuation of hundreds of Boston’s homeless
Citizen’s because of the derelict bridge from Long Island the push was to get the new mayor to… 828 more words


Buffalo Aftermath

Driving through Buffalo in the snow-entombed aftermath of the recent blizzard meant sliding our car between snow drifts and abandoned vehicles, all brutally carved out of the way by earthmoving equipment. 51 more words