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Osborne's razor: the Tory principle of parsimony is applied only to the poorest

The BBC reports that leaked documents from the Department for Work and Pensions suggest the government is planning a regional benefits cap, reducing child benefit, taxing disability benefits and reducing eligibility for the carers’ allowance. 797 more words


As a RINO, I have been decrying about how the republican party, as well as the national interests of all Americans, are being held hostage by the tea party, ultra conservative wing of the republican party to where the most simple tasks that folks are dependent on our government to do, cannot be effectively accomplished. 1,570 more words


Motherhood is Tearing Me Apart

Today started like any other day.

I tried to sneak out of bed quietly and limit the number of chit’lins I was up against – failed miserably. 515 more words


Nixon v. Books

Having spent some of the better parts of my undergraduate years studying away within the musty confines of the University of Missouri-Columbia’s (aka Mizzou) Ellis Library, I’ve formed a certain affinity toward them. 482 more words


Kimberly's Guide to Eating in Orlando

Orlando’s Secret Gems 

I have been on a hunt for what I call “Orlando’s Secret Gems”. I want to discover hole in the wall places that leave me wanting to order more off of their menu. 198 more words


It’s time to end the lie that Labour and Tories are ‘the same’ on austerity - Sunny Hundal & Sue Jones

It is a claim so ubiquitous that most people repeat it without even having to explain it:

‘there’s hardly any difference between the main political parties’. 1,876 more words

Stupid Tax and Budget Tricks

The Republicans often (constantly) accuse Gov. Shumlin and the Democrats of irresponsible governance — of taxing and spending without regard for the long term.

Well, pot, meet kettle. 592 more words

Vermont Republican Party