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I am 65 years old at the time I write this and have been retired for 5 years.  I started cooking for the first time about ten years ago.  764 more words

Budget Cooking

Easy to make - Healthy pickled onions (no vinegar or preservatives)

Lacto-fermentation is an ancient method of food preservation, that can be preformed on raw and cooked vegetables. Lacto-fermented foods are not only “preserved” but are nutrient-dense, enzyme rich and made alive with probiotics. 

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Monday Menu - Garden Eating

As summer approaches, so do thoughts of fresh tomatoes, peppers and other garden goodies. While many use the crockpot in the winter time, it’s also ideal for summer use – there is less heating up the kitchen, and it allows time outside when it’s nice and there is so much to do! 343 more words

Home Cooking

Tomato + Barley Soup

Do you ever wonder who that first person was that decided to add random ingredients and liquid to a pan to see what would happen? How they must have stood there and watched as vegetables became tender, and savoury aromas that had never existed before drifted up, bewitching the senses of all. 270 more words


Healthy, sugar-free* and delicious banana slice

V has a major addiction …..sugar!!! In an effort to make her drop it, Josh started cooking with alternative sweet and healthy ingredients.

Sugar, sugar, sugar!!!

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Budget Cooking

Chris week - May 2nd

I’d been off at a hen weekend so the majority of the planning and shopping fell to my husband this week. He not only managed to come in under budget using at the remainders of the veg box but also to come up with some pretty tasty meals. 513 more words

Money Saving

Day 15: Pointless Neurology and Clean Meal Planning

I had an appointment with the hospital neurology department yesterday. After years of having my migraines managed by my local GP, they have finally given up and sent me to a specialist! 606 more words