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The Big Cheese Pasta

The Big Cheese Pasta

This is a basic proper cheese pasta recipe- really good with macaroni, but it tastes just as good with any old rubbish you can afford :) It’s sticky yum and melts in your mouth- it’s so fun. 337 more words


Half Term

How was your half term? Did you do loads of fun stuff with your kids? I wanted to do so much and I ended up doing a big fat zero with hormonal teenager. 1,198 more words

Deepika's Masala Dosa

Deepika’s Masala Dosa

This is a traditional recipe and the style of cooking is different from Western style cooking- it is well worth the effort and makes a different Sunday meal for the family or feeding one person for a couple of days. 857 more words


Let's Cook! Budget friendly chicken tikka masala

This budget friendly and super filling big batch of chicken, potato and spinach tikka masala went down well in our house; even Lily enjoyed it – i’d mixed hers with greek yoghurt to make it super mild! 315 more words


Living on a budget 10 tips and tricks

Living on a budget 10 tips and tricks

  1. Shampoo goes a long way- dish washing liquid, body wash, clothes washing liquid, house cleaning. Bicarb is fantastic too for your face, teeth, smelly feet, cleaning and indigestion.

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Boiling bones, boiling bones

Meat with bones is a great deal, because as long as no one actually chews the meat off of it, you got another meal waiting to happen. 590 more words

Budget Foodie

Peanut Tomato Soup

Big dollop of peanut butter
Some chicken stock (or vegetarian stock)
Tin of plum tomatoes (only the liquid).
Encona to taste



Fancy it up with crushed salted peanuts, leaf parsley or coriander. 10 more words

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