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Dunhuang, China - Caves of the 1000 Buddhas

We are on the way to the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, also called the Magao Caves or the Dunhuang Caves since they are 25 km from Dunhuang, China. 1,459 more words


how to cultivate mindfulness of the media?

I’ve seen this several times. This is a common perception of what meditation is about: emptying the mind (cue Christian panic about the Devil entering). Certain 禅/Chán/Zen approaches do speak of the empty mind, but the guiding doctrine for this is not nothingness but the idea that form is not exclusive of emptiness and emptiness is not exclusive of form (色即是空,空即是色). 193 more words


What is Believable? (2/6)

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Last week I promised to consider five strategies for  coming to terms with Buddhist teachings (rebirth, for instance) that are found problematic for many moderns. 3,101 more words


on anger, compassion, and self- care (for A.H., with thanks)

A friend wrote me a few days ago, asking about anger. It’s funny— I’d never imagined that I’d be someone that might give out advice on that subject, but she’d asked in a very serious way, so I gave it some thought, and in giving it even a little time I realized that no, hey, I really… 1,554 more words


A local's Pagoda - Inle Lake

At our hotel at Inle Lake, just along the path, past the rooms, was a small set of stairs and a pagoda.  This wasn’t a tourist frequented place, and was very much a “locals” place.   98 more words


cold kitchen poems

Dead trees fall

and newborn trees fall

as seedlings or logs

though the ground is still

and fresh with snow

what makes phenomena

but this perception? 229 more words