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The Eight Precepts

I was meditating this morning on how I want to follow the eight precepts, when I found myself having trouble remembering what they actually were. Instead of obsessing about it, I decided to look them up when I was done and memorize them for future reference. 227 more words


The Buddha Walks Into A Bar..., A Review

I’ve mentioned here before, many times actually, how much I love and appreciate the combination of spiritual and self-help literature. I’m drawn to books that leave me feeling inspired and somehow more equipped to face the challenges of adulthood. 302 more words

Book Reviews

Amor Fati

“I praise, I do not reproach, arrival. I believe it is one of the greatest crises, a moment of the deepest self-reflection of humanity. Whether man recovers from it, whether he becomes master of this crisis, is a question of his strength.” – Friedrich Nietzsche… 240 more words

Money for monarchy

A local press report in Michigan has alerted PPT to another foray into U.S. academia by royalist interests. It is recalled that last August, it was reported that, as “human rights in Thailand deteriorate under a military junta, Harvard is collaborating with key supporters of the recent coup to create a permanent Thai Studies program at the university.” 471 more words

the right tool

    Often times, the only way to know where the middle lies is to get some experience at either end first. Generally, exploring the extreme poles is a youthful endeavor, as with age (so we hope) comes the humility to realize that the black and white ideas/ideals that we harbor in our heads have little bearing on ‘reality,’ which will forever stubbornly (or more accurately perhaps, indifferently) refuse to fit into whatever tidy box we devise for it. 790 more words

The Calm After the Storm

I have to write about Purim and Magha Puja and a bunch of other stuff.  But right now, I can barely type, let alone try to synthesise this week.  1,530 more words