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A Buddhist Sunday - A bit of Wisdom

Compassion is nothing if not accompanied by wisdom. According to some Buddhist traditions a person has attained enlightenment when they find the perfect balance between compassion and wisdom. 202 more words


My fault...

Is everything that goes wrong my own fault? That’s what it is like to accept your own results, whether they are positive or negative. So is everything that goes right, also my own responsibility? 196 more words


5 Ways to control damage after a conflict in a marriage or other relationship.

1. Offer the offended party space.

For many people, and particularly if the offended party is a loved one, the natural inclination will be to pull in closer … to become even more intimate in an attempt to ameliorate the damage caused. 1,174 more words


insight makes meditation social

Insight timer is an app for iOS or Android that facilitates meditation and mindfulness practice. In a world where our smartphones are often the reason we need to meditate in the first place, stumbling upon a truly useful meditation app was delightful. 308 more words


The True Philosopher

I never wanted to be a philosopher in the academic sense of the word…I did not want to simply read and study someone else’s ideas about the world…Instead I wanted to be a philosopher in the purest sense of the word…A lover of wisdom…a seeker of truth…And to do this one most drop all philosophies…because truth is not a philosophy…life is not a philosophy…life simply is…that is its beauty…the true philosopher does not want to see the world through the eyes of an idea…that is what everyone else is doing…no one is seeing the world…they are only seeing their ideas about the world…and these ideas and ways of looking at the world is what is creating all the havoc you see all around you. 794 more words


one wild, crazy mind...and a love poem

So retreat is done and then some. I’ve been MIA cos I’ve been somewhat horrifically ill -seeing as it’s the first time after 3.5 months in India, I’m pretty pleased with myself really! 396 more words

A Response to Buddhist-Based Training in the Corps

This is my response to recently proposed Buddhist-based training in the Corps. While Christ is being¬†involuntary separated from the Marines, the Buddha is expanding his sphere of influence in the¬†military’s latest pilot project to address rising numbers of suicides and cases of PTSD. 31 more words