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Teachings from the Gaea Retreat. Part Three

The following talk was given at the Gaea Retreat Center on May 24th 2015.

Welcome to Meditation Group.

My name is Daniel.

The Buddha sat under a tree in the woods, kind of like this. 175 more words


Fear Overcome by Love

Gasping to breathe,
to take that first breath.
Our original fear
overcome by being blessed
with a healthy, functioning body
& heart’s pure will to live. 267 more words


The Eye Lingered

This piece makes me linger. Immediately, the Buddha is suggested. The elongated ears, the closed eyes, and the thick dark eyebrows turned inwards.

Is it even a man? 289 more words


Birthday Buddha

So if you didn’t already know, Asia is big into buddhism, zen, + awakening your inner spirituality. Around 25% of South Koreans are active buddhist (equal to the amount of christians) + an even larger majority claim a buddhist background + culture. 332 more words

" 'HOW TO...'; a Meditation" / Memorable Fancies #1215

HOW TO raise ferrets for fun and profit.

How to have a lawn your neighbors will hate.

How to find out if your phone is bugged. 64 more words


“I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done.”

“The wise man makes an island of himself that no flood can overwhelm.” …

265 more words
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