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Portrait of F.Schubert

I play piano. More accurately I used to play piano until I left her behind for university. Schubert’s “Moment Musical” is one of my favourite pieces. 203 more words

Food Pantry Donation

This past month we were able to donate some of the produce from our PAAC plot at the community garden that was ready to be harvested. 21 more words


Paniq Room - Supercell 117

Led into a room blindfolded and handcuffed, you’re asked to sit on a bench. “It’s just behind you. Feel for it. Ok, sit.” You’re doubting yourself already. 501 more words

Back in Budapest - Our Last Weekend

Hey everyone,

In less than 72 hours, we’ll be fast asleep in our own beds in America. Weird.

I’m slightly crushed to leave Europe, but after being gone for 9 weeks, I’m also eager to come home and see some familiar faces. 444 more words


Day 179 Experiences

Today is another big writing push on my outline. I’ve got one more act, then I need to take a run through the whole thing and make sure the emotional through lines all add up. 119 more words

Daily Updates

Busing About Eastern Europe

In early June, I arrived in Prague to join a Busabout Eastern Europe Trek. The 9-day Rhapsody Trek would take us through five different countries, moving between five different currencies and five completely different and equally confusing languages. 1,754 more words