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Postcards from Peru: Day 1 Anticipation and Gratitude

Greetings from 30,000 feet!

My journey has begun!!!! 15 years in the making and I am on my first flight (of 8) on a journey of a lifetime! 875 more words


Before I Die: Dallas Writes Bucket List

Lower Greenville – What do you want to do before you die? Are you willing to put it in public for everyone to read?

Three chalkboards have been placed in Lower Greenville for anyone to write their bucket list. 28 more words


It's Always Better when It's Sunny

Until now I have come to appreciate good weather. Before I used to see people weird if it was 15°c outside and they were fighting for the tables at the sunlight or going around with shorts and a t-shirt, while I was with my light jacket chasing the shadow. 141 more words

New York City

Exams = Slow Times, complete with my Bucket List

With Exams happening the past 1.5 months and still going on, there has been a lot of down time at site with not much going on. 511 more words


Making my international TV debut

Wow! Logging in to my blog this morning, I see that it’s been a whole month since I last posted.

This is pretty scary because it certainly doesn’t feel like it –  I suppose that must mean that I’m getting out there and living life, which also means that I have got loads to tell you about! 1,132 more words


Oh, the Places I Want to Go....

Everybody has a bucket list these days. I’m not special in this regard. I have a list in mind of place to see, and I want to get out and see them. 580 more words

Bucket List

Cape Town: wine, wonders of nature and whoops

Cape Town surprised me by its hospitality and its beauty. I had heard it before but seeing it for myself, solidified it. I could live there, for sure. 880 more words