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The Common Folk Wine Descriptors List

It is with great respect to sommeliers and wine experts around the world that our group took on the subject of creating the “common folk” list for describing wines. 272 more words


Welcome to 52 Cocktails!


I’m Luna, an amateur mixologist, and my new year’s resolution is to try at least one new cocktail each week for a year. This could be a drink at a bar, one I make at home from a recipe book, or one I create myself (wish me luck – I’m not known for my prowess in the kitchen!). 722 more words


Happy Friday

I have noticed that most of my posts do not give justice to the title of blog. It is as if I do not have a bubbly personality. 147 more words

Tropical Sorbet & Prosecco Cocktail

I’m not going to tell you that you need to jazz up your bubbly. Why? Because it’s bubbly and everyone loves a little bubbly. “Hook” wouldn’t be the classic cinematic masterpiece that it is without bubbly. 162 more words


In this world...

A world built on lies. On corruption. Where a man’s biggest fear is true love.

What is this world we live in? It pains me to think that we are all born the same, caring about sharing our snacks with a stranger, and yet, we grow to be so selfish and consumed by money. 392 more words

About Me

Flight of the Corks!

Our team will be attending the Iowa Wine Growers Association’s annual conference to interview industry officials and winery owners.  On Friday night we’ll shoot the “Flight of the Corks.” 326 more words