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Cocktails | Plum & Thyme Smash

I’m a sucker for the bubbly and this cocktail does not disappoint!

xo rebekah


Food | Starfruit

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Randy | Photos and The Pictures Show

By lkaldeway

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Forty, the word by itself is not frightening, and I remember when I turned forty, I considered it a milestone, but still not frightening. I was part of the Baby Boom Generation and surprisingly so, the vast majority of us hit our fortieth birthday without much angst. 607 more words


The Incident at Cherokee Mounds Bar and Grill

From time to time a man falls victim to an experience that makes him question the validity of all prior experience – this was the case for Walter Short. 1,067 more words


A Journey to a Wine Castle: Kristen's Italian Wine Tour

Our team’s designated wine expert, Kristen, spent several weeks of her spring touring Italian vineyards and sampling
various authentic Italian wines in their very own home villages. 357 more words


Yellow Tail Sangria: A Near-Death Experience

Yesterday, Kristen was violently attacked by a seemingly user-friendly bottle of bubbly sangria.

The terms “bubbly” and “sangria” are rarely paired, but that’s what drew us to it. 308 more words