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Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

I saw this film last Thursday, so sorry this has taken so long for me to post. My mind has JUST NOW stopped racing about it! 1,680 more words


mad max: fury road - pretty good

*SPOILER ALERT* (i’m not giving away any top secret endings or anything but i am going to bitch about some specific stuff that people may not want to have ruined before they see fury road) 691 more words

RAPE is our new culture !!!

The world is a beautiful land of many cultures. We live, celebrate, fight, love, dance like everything all together though all of us belong to varied cultures. 524 more words


SatOne "BRUTAL" New mural in Munich

This new and stunning mural is the work of German artist SatOne painted for the Deadline – Urban Art festival in Munich, Germany.
Painted at an abandoned slaughterhouse and titled BRUTAL, the new mural stands as an interesting and incredibly vigorous abstract interpretation of the history of the place. 37 more words


18 May 15 - Make the bad man stop.......

On seeing the WOD posted last night, I knew this was going to be brutal. I just didn’t realise how much. Writing this now, I am still feeling the effects of this morning’s WOD – this is just the way it should be. 248 more words

Baltimore police officer Vincent Cosom will serve six months for this attack

Baltimore Police officer Vincent Cosom gets heated after a verbal dispute with Kollin Truss a resident of Baltimore City.

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