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The Hidden Cost of Being Non-Confrontational

We all know someone who can’t stand conflict. He or she is non-confrontational and avoids tension as much as possible.

You probably know some people who are drawn to conflict, too. 525 more words

Personal Development

Challenging myself

For those who don’t know me well, I am not a religious person. I don’t hold claim to any one belief system or ideology, nor do I reject any. 400 more words


Honestly Honest Honesty

“To be honest.”

Now there’s a fucked up phrase, right? When you say, “to be honest,” aren’t you implying that at certain points, maybe not all the time, but some of the time, that you’re being dishonest. 334 more words


Lisa's Unwritten Rules #1

I have a very long list of ‘Unwritten Rules’. Most of them pertain to manners and common decency, but the rest, in my opinion, center around basic common sense. 909 more words



After this little self esteem boost recently, here’s another. We’ve been allowed to bring home and look through Caitlin’s Learning Journey from preschool. It’s a collection of lots of her work and it truly is a special book. 72 more words



Loyalty does not exist anymore! People are fake and can not be trusted. I am forced to act like they do, just to not be at a disadvantage. 18 more words


Gemma, What Are Your Views On Assisted Suicide?

First off, you failed to specify the conditions for the assisted suicide. I honestly have mixed feelings on this issue.

If someone wants assisted suicide for reasons such as depression, a lack of self worth, lack of personal value or any other mental or psychological disorders, then absolutely… 564 more words