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I Wish We Had A Mute Button

My husband used to laugh when I got mad when we first married. He said I looked “cute” when I was mad. Dang his hide… 849 more words

21st Century Unwritten Rules of Shopping

21st Century Unwritten Rules of ShoppingA guide on social skills when it comes to shopping:

Shopping is one of the greatest blessings we have in this amazing world no matter how fun or stressful it can be. 824 more words


How to Succeed in Heartbreak by Victoria Morgan

This poem gave me goosebumps all over! The brutal honesty in her words had me struggling to find words of my own. 



What’s up, everyone! Are you guys all ready to be bummed out? Well, are you!?!?

*Audience of readers* “You betcha, Steve! We were having pretty great days so far, and were actually thinking to ourselves how much we would like for it not to be enjoyable! 317 more words

Brutal Honesty


Rules of criticism:

  1. Brutal honesty is always more brutal than honest. It is never well-meant.
  2. Honesty without kindness is meanness under false colors.
  3. When criticism is given without love or humor, its aim is not to inform, but to hurt.
  4. 234 more words
Daily Prompt

Let's be honest? No, let's not

Is honesty always the best policy? Mmmmmmmmmm……I say nope!

We may ask the question, “Do these pants make me look fat?”, but come on….we aren’t expecting to hear, “Yup! 417 more words


The Hidden Cost of Being Non-Confrontational

We all know someone who can’t stand conflict. He or she is non-confrontational and avoids tension as much as possible.

You probably know some people who are drawn to conflict, too. 525 more words

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