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Am I a horror writer?

I’ve had stories appear now in six horror anthologies. Some of those books, in full disclosure, I had a hand in designing the covers or page layouts, though completely separate from my story submissions and inclusions.  433 more words


Slacktivism and why it's annoying.

The world is unfair. Your mom probably taught you this as a kid, or you learned it on your own along the way. However this nugget of insight came across you is unimportant. 410 more words

Social networking: the echo chambers of the internet.

So, I figure I may as well start off with one of the things that annoys me the most about the world today: Everyone is on facebook or some other kind of social network.At first glance, there’s no issue here, catching up with old friends, organizing events, letting people know of major events in your life are all great uses for social networking. 606 more words

Patch 1.47... The Aftermath

Well, we’ve got another patch just released today.  If you haven’t read the patch notes I suggest you do, here.

My feelings are… mixed. 332 more words

Dear Maurice,

I have left this open.  It was a friend’s idea for me to start a bit of an advice column.  My friend thought it would be a good idea because I have a habit of being completely honest without much of a filter.   39 more words

My online portfolio is resurfacing

I haven’t kept an online portfolio since 2008. It’s now 2015….

It wasn’t necessary, I had a full-time job from mid-2008 until a couple months ago. 246 more words


Working double shifts

What an intriguing day.

After the excruciating long day yesterday, I have somewhat been revived. Coffee only offered its strong taste, nothing in the caffeine-me-awake department…so I relied heavily on splashes of ice cold water to the face to sustain the rest of the hours I had to stay awake until my honey returned home. 238 more words