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Funding stops Cleveland filming of Bruce Willis movie

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Bruce Willis is not saying “Yippie-ki-yay” about the cancellation of his latest film.

A spokesman for Willis told The Associated Press Friday that production of “Wake” was suddenly halted this week when financing fell through, and the actor is concerned that crew members who joined him “in good faith” are left jobless. 111 more words


Bruce Willis Action Pic 'Wake' Closes Down Amid Financing Woes

Financing problems have shut down production of action-thriller “Wake,” starring Bruce Willis, which had been shooting in Cleveland.

“Benaroya Pictures is working quickly to remedy the delay in production on the feature film ‘Wake,’ and we are optimistic we will resume principal photography in approximately 2-3 weeks,” the company said in a statement. 219 more words


Blow Hard

That’d be a good title for a movie about Chris Christie, though I’m not certain that Bruce Willis can put on enough weight to land the lead role. 106 more words

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Bruce Willis Thriller 'Wake' Shuts Down Amid Budget Woes

After about a week to 10 days into production, the Bruce Willis-starring indie Wake has shut down due to financial woes, sources tell Deadline. “It was headed in that direction for a while,” said one source with knowledge of the production issues. 210 more words


Funding stops Cleveland filming of Bruce Willis movie 'Wake'

CLEVELAND- A new movie starring Bruce Willis has stopped filming in Cleveland because of funding issues, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission said on Thursday.

The production company told the film commission it is working to find the remaining funds. 53 more words


Quick Daily Review #23: Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Here’s a movie that went kind of unappreciated in its initial run but one that I absolutely loved when it first came out. Josh Hartnett (what happened to him?) plays a character caught between two powerful gangster played with relish by Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley, as he is also pursuing a relationship with the stunning Lucy Liu. 242 more words

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VIDEO: Celebrity Prom Photos (And What They Look Like Now)

Ever look back at your prom photos and cringe?

The big hair, maybe an ugly dress or powder blue tuxedo…

Check out these celebs and their prom photos. 33 more words