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Throwback Gems: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

I’m a huge fan of History, and war, especially WW2. Put all that into a game with a great story, and you will have me hooked. 430 more words

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In 1977, punk was at the peak of its popularity. For the last year, bands were being formed all over Britain. Suddenly, it seemed, everyone was a musician. 2,368 more words


50 Albums Turning 30 In 2015: Bill Louis On Dire Straits' Brothers In Arms

This year we’ve been looking back on 50 classic albums that were released 30 years ago in 1985. Bill Louis paged through our choices for the top 50 albums that have turned 30 this year here and picked one of his favorites. 203 more words


Cuz It's A Monday Video: 'Money For Nothing' By Dire Straits

Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” is all about a working man watching music videos and commenting on what their life is in videos and what his life is, as the song says “installing microwave ovens, custom kitchen deliveries, moving these refrigerators, moving these color TV’s.” 84 more words


Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits (#226)

Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

If you’ve never heard songs from this album, you’re either deaf or under 20. Dire Straits are the musical equivalent of CocaCola in that everyone on the planet has probably heard of them or at least one of their songs. 99 more words

Brothers In Arms

Why Shooters Should Go Back to WWII

By Aitch Cee

While many of us will admit that the WWII genre was a bit overdone in the mid 2000’s, one can’t help but to think some really great games were yielded from that era. 995 more words

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