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He never liked vegetables

never liked the raw

health with a tinge of bitter

-gritty truth with a grim face

staring sternly at his balance… 85 more words

21 Things I Love About You

  1. You always know how to make me laugh. Every time I am with you, I feel like I am the happiest girl alive.
  2. I love watching movies and TV series with you.
  3. 444 more words

di lahat ng kinikilig ay inlove. minsan, nag seseizure lang.

mema lang ako sa title. haha but lets focus on seizure for a bit. most people dunno what seizure is, and due to lack of knowledge, they do things that your not supposed to do when you see someone having a seizure. 295 more words


Remember Again. Never Again.

I as the song begins to play a sense of reminiscence hits me and all of the sudden I can feel the scratchy seats against my thighs and the way my shoes cut into my heels as a walk to the front row. 238 more words


On Strike

Rick Thomas

Mama generally came home from work in one of three mental states…
Nervous Break Down (which is bad … REAL BAD)
and the far more common “on strike”, which meant … if she didn’t get a break she would have a nervous breakdown. 62 more words


Josh's Baby Journal

Last month, January of 2015, Josh and I were clearing some things out of the garage to get ready to have our storm shelter installed into our garage floor.  844 more words