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nothing i can't handle by running away

“So are we going out tonight?” My cousin asks. He’s in town for a few days. He’s just adopted his girlfriend’s four kids. Now he’s up to five. 189 more words


Being an iconoclast (seeing the sun instead of shadows) does not make you automatically right

We’re teaching Plato in the 1st year experience course I have two sections of right now. Every year I get frustrated with Plato for intertwined personal and philosophical reasons. 540 more words

Daily Reports

Meet My Brother!

Hello my followers how are you doing today hopefully it is good today. Here I am telling you a little something about my brother and what he does. 198 more words


Malikah, Cione dan duo Ajo

Malikah Khansa…
Kalau ada kesaman pada diri kita berdua, adalah memiliki yang dipanggil “Ajo”
Semoga kelak Malikah bisa merasakan seperti yang Cione rasakan..
Memiliki Ajo yang sangat sering diandalkan.. 182 more words


Day 21. Talk about your siblings. 

First off, let me apologize for the tardiness of my posts. Life has been very busy and hectic for me lately. With the move that we have coming up in a couple days and just life in general. 394 more words

Real Life

My brother....

I think I find it quite hard to tell people how much I appreciate them, I feel like my opinion is probably irrelevant to them so it doesn’t really matter. 836 more words