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More Massive Military Might

As if we hadn’t already seen enough yesterday

A German battalion assigned to Nato’s rapid response force used broomstick handles instead of guns on a joint exercise due to chronic equipment shortages. 41 more words


The Shire

Sometimes I sit and think about the days that have gone past, but I’ll never forget the shire. It’s a memory that will last.

Growin’ up in the Shire wasn’t all that easy. 369 more words

Havelock Road Singh Sabha, 26 October 2014, Nagar Kirtan

The Green – More food !

Female Afghan street sweepers

Up for a game of Quidditch ?
I hope they know their Harry Potter

Getting fat at the Nagar Kirtan… 43 more words



The Bewitching Hour’s upon us.
Bewitches fly around.
Their broomsticks twitch and shake so much,
They fall upon the ground!
“Ha Ha Ha!” They cackle, mean and loud. 18 more words

DIY Halloween Treats

Since Halloween is in 2 days, I decided to make some delicious treats to eat in front of a film or at a party. These recipes are very easy to make and taste really good in the end. 301 more words


Halloween Flights Of Fancy

It turned out to be one of “those Mondays”, Modern Philosophers, so when I got home to The House on the Hill after a horrible day at work, I knew needed a quick pick me up to raise my spirits. 606 more words


'All Hallows' Eve

Carve your pumpkin heads to ‘Jack O’ Lanterns’ make,

Put on your painted faces and eat ‘Toffee Apple’ cake,

Head into the darkness, dressed as monsters or as ghosts, … 57 more words