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Mad As ... a new Black Comedy film

Fun to be had, now, where is that spare 10G’s to star in this film … sponsor anyone? It goes to David Batty for his new film project. 481 more words


more rain, please ...

January rainfall was above average this year, and wee look forward to a continuing set of wet season storms, without tropical cyclones. BoM forecast 4 to affect the Kimberley this season, none yet, the Pilbara though needs them to wet the pastoral country…. 39 more words


weather due ...

The latest forecast from a hopeful BoM, Broome is on ‘Blue alert':

Hopefully some good rain, and little wind from this one.

BoM have forecast 4 to affect the region this season, this being the first possible cyclone after the last one fizzled, despite nearly 5 inches (170mm) of rain.


Laurie Sampi, environmental stalwart to the end ...

Very difficult to get a photo of Laurie, shy to the end. Thanks Laurie for being a great help and indigenous mentor for the environment. Laurie passed away after a short illness last week. 54 more words


weather, not climate ...

The warmer seas in the north have given Australia one of the biggest boosts to the rural sector, rainfall to die for. In the 3 months to December 31, the North and East of the continent has had exceptional rains. 214 more words


loving the monsoon ...

Superb rainfall over the last few days, where it’s not all at once, has fallen over all of the Kimberley. Cape Leveque even had 400mm overnight, though it was an outlier. 45 more words


predicting the El Nino ... still

Drier and warmer? Shouldn’t that be wetter and warmer? Tropical moisture has been falling all over the NT and Queensland outback areas in recent weeks. Into the East Kimberley as well. 260 more words