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wasp ...

This wasp like creature with the bug eyes was cleaning out his burrow Click to enlarge:


flowering streets ...

Malvaceae species, above, and Convolvulaceae below,  growing in gardens and landscaping provides great colour. The images below are Ipomoea costata, followed by the white flowering ground cover, Davenportia davenportii, both on a Broome street verge. 9 more words


carbon munching ...

I hadn’t seen this fungus before, it’s quite pretty, click to enlarge:

More carbon munchers, caterpillars do the leaves, fungus, the trunks and mulch:

Termites munch the rest inside ‘pindan posts’. 6 more words


taxi ...

Cable Beach has a new taxi service for tourists for this tourist season, pictured below:

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sweet melody ...

Butcher Birds are one of the most melodious of all birds in the Kimberley. A joy to have around each day. Also a predator, they are useful for hunting out for the larger insect pests around our seedlings. 18 more words


The second boat load of ‘climate refugees in 2 weeks, with 24 more by the end of the season brings 2000 people each time, searching around for what Broome has to offer. 34 more words