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The Power of Kindness in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was one of those shows I was a little unsure about watching. I mean, I watch anime, play video games, cosplay, go to conventions, etc. 785 more words


Daily Opinion: Making a Case for Bronies

A friend of mine told me about this show called King of the Nerds, a stupid competition reality show where “nerds” play different games to earn the title of King of Nerds. 489 more words

Andre C Griffiths

Who Are Bronies??

This week has been all about dry nights and my little ponies or MLP as I have learned this week. To say I have been distracted over the past few months would be an understatement, however I have taken my eye off the ball when it comes to getting my… 423 more words


All my little ponies.

Ah, I love it when people come to know a fandom. It feels good to see someone who has never recognized people who like a show/movie/game and saw, “while I don’t like this ‘thing’, seeing you enjoy it makes me happy” This has now happened with ponies. 85 more words