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Coming in July: My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie bust bank!

Get ready for an extra-sweet dose of Pinkie Pie, the loveable lady Earth pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Pinkamena Diane Pie is gregarious and outgoing, a symbol of the element of laughter. 106 more words

Hello, it's nice to meet you

I am a pretty new Atheist. I became one last year while doing research on embryonic stem cells, I couldn’t believe the amazing things that could be done with them…all the children that could be potentially saved by them. 313 more words


Gender in subcultures and fandom:

Within society there are objects that have been gendered, like Action Man for boys and Barbie for girls, aftershave for males and perfume for females, boxers for men and frilly knickers for women, however in this modern society were more and more people are openly breaking the gender binaries, these social ideals are slowly being broken as androgynous males begin to perform femininity and androgynous females perform masculinity.   417 more words

Weary traveler

I have worked a lot this past 3 weeks. I clocked over a hundred hours last pay period (2 weeks). I am on track this week for another 50 hours. 80 more words


On writing.

I find myself in the mood to write. I have written a few things tonight, some for work, some for this blog. I find I have to capitalize on the times I am feeling creative. 183 more words


Tank's a brony, of course.

Tank’s response to this pic (he was considering buying the hat at the thrift store): “The cap is fine but I’m not sure about that old guy under it. 11 more words

94 Years Old

Down from on high, redux.

So i got a lot of feedback on my last post. It was about my store being visited by my new VP. I wanted to thank everyone who responded and please keep it coming. 184 more words