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Prime time.

So, I got some news. Some interesting news. Some crazy, awesome, interesting, I can’t believe its not butter news. I know you want me to share it and I am just typing more of this to get the satisfaction of you reading it and having to wait just a bit longer to find out what it is. 320 more words



I recently purchased a cheap dry erase board, and on it wrote: “Please post blog topics.” Sure enough, one of my roommate’s took the bate, and now I have to do a post about “Mermicorns,” the only mythical beast that is suitable for aquatic travel by The Great Leader, Kim Jung Un! 227 more words


New Ponies and more!!!

This is a Fandom post for me so forgive me if I seem to geek out over this because I really am.

I have been to Build a Bear for their wonderful collection of My Little Ponies. 225 more words


Death of a friend.

I found out today that my pet dog that has been in the family for quite a while passed away today. He was a fantastic companion that was there for me in so many ways. 379 more words


#FluttershyFriday 2

Once again its friday and we have fluttershy. But this time she brought some friends.

So once upon a time there was a horrible company that sells stuffed animals and they had a sale on ponies. 36 more words


Two Months Later...

So we haven’t uploaded an episode for two months. The reason why? Listen to find out.

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