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Quick shooting

Wow. Two days without a post. I know, I know. I am not dead. Just dead tired. I have a pretty long post coming but Working almost 90 hours in the past week and a half has filled my time. 22 more words


A busy day for me on youtube

Not counting the day before, where I changed my youtube name from Netsenshi to Pegasus boot, I had a decently busy day today, Youtube wise. I made 2 videos showing the beginning of two very different games, as well as a bunch of videos showing off some custom stages I made in Super Smash Bros. 76 more words

Video Game

Paying for mods? - The backlash and reversal of paid mods on Steam

What is a mod?

A mod is a modification made to a game by the general public. This is a form of user generated content which can add minor changes to textures or new items within a game. 1,023 more words


Toxicity Levels of The Brony FandomAn OC I created recently.

So I’m currently trying to get more into the My Little Pony fan community, but it’s weird. Every time I do, and talk to a female friend that I know enjoys watching the show, they tell me about how toxic the MLP community is. 195 more words


#traceponies is... over now?

Neil Wacaster has come out and admitted that he does, in fact, sometimes trace My Little Pony art in order to make things faster, some of which he profited off of… because, you know… shortcuts? 131 more words



I took this weekend off because of a few personal things (some of which I will get to talk about) but all in all I had a great weekend. 357 more words


MLP Fanart scandal?!

It’s tough to draw characters from My Little Pony, whether it’s in any of the official Hasbro styles used for TV and DVDs, or even in an original style. 210 more words