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U is for Unicorns

We are getting to the difficult letters now! I decided to feature Unicorns for the letter ‘U’ or more specifically the show “My Little Pony.”  To see how other bloggers tackle this letter, visit the Blogging from A to Z Challenge… 271 more words



I took this weekend off because of a few personal things (some of which I will get to talk about) but all in all I had a great weekend. 357 more words



I know. A quick update. Its a bit early for a post but this was too good to wait for.

A fake commercial for Pony shampoo. 9 more words


One of many to come.

I love a good build up. Bring people in, get the interest and hopes up, leave them hanging for just the right amount of time. The biggest thing is to deliver and to leave them wanting more. 348 more words


MLP's Spike and Celestia finished!

I just completed bracelets representing My Little Pony’s cutest dragon Spike and Princess Celestia!

Better photos to follow, really sorry about the quality but it’s to dark outside for better photos. 11 more words


Making knots with My Little Pony

I have always loved to do crafts, of many different types. One I really enjoy is working with embroidery floss, either for quilting, bookmark tassels or in this case making macrame bracelets! 150 more words


Prime time.

So, I got some news. Some interesting news. Some crazy, awesome, interesting, I can’t believe its not butter news. I know you want me to share it and I am just typing more of this to get the satisfaction of you reading it and having to wait just a bit longer to find out what it is. 320 more words