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Broken Ribs: Week 3

I rode a lot this past weekend, which was nice.  It doesn’t aggravate the injury, I got some exercise, and the weather was nice.  I’m dismayed that I wasn’t able to participate in the triathlon, but the weekend wasn’t a total lost. 435 more words


Broken Ribs: Week 2

I haven’t been able to tell if I actually feel less pain, or if I unconsciously move so I don’t encounter it.  There is improvement – I’m not quite at the point of holding heavy things with my right arm, but I can do more than I could with the arm than the previous week. 302 more words


Broken Ribs: Week 1

For those who missed, I had a cycling accident a week ago today.  The result was some bad road rash, but most importantly – one rib confirmed broken, suspected fractures (they don’t show up well on X-ray apparently). 1,259 more words


Dieting Tips

More than three Potato chips in your mouth at once is unhealthy.

Do not top chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter.

If you must have gravy, use the ladle, do not pour gravy from bowl. 33 more words


Report: Tony Romo reveals he's playing with broken rib

The Dallas Cowboys picked up a big win Thursday, but it was apparent throughout the game that quarterback Tony Romo is playing through significant pain. 168 more words



I had plans of doing absolutely nothing today. Life doesn’t always work out that way though.

That is my 12 year old son. He and his sister were playing a little rough, and wrestling around (like I have said not to do about 3 billion times). 212 more words