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Gifts from the Hard Times

I was at a Social Work Forum today, which was a fantastic day of learning and self-care.  We were broken into smaller groups and asked to make a circle and share the gifts we had received from a hard time, a trauma, a tragedy, something recent or long ago.  264 more words


The Heart in the Box

The plate was very fine, or so it appeared. It was a delicate white with a deep green ivy stencil, or paint, around the rim. The plate itself was so thin, she feared that even the smallest sigh from her might shatter it into a million pieces. 1,955 more words

Short Story

Sedikit Senang

Hari kesekian setelah perpisahan konyol itu.

Aku terlelap sekian waktu
dan entah kapan terbangun
menguap sesekali,
mengucek mata beberapa kali
dan tertidur lagi.

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It's Break-up Season... Or So It Seems To Be.

I, sadly, am one of the victims of the terrible phrase that no one wants to hear when they feel that they are in love with somebody. 541 more words

Breaking Up was Easy to Do or at Least That's What Charli XCX Told Me

To be quite honest, as a teenage girl I don’t handle this kind of thing well. When you first told me I honestly couldn’t breathe. I wasn’t sure what to think. 557 more words



I hurt. I hurt so bad it’s hard for me to breathe. You cannot fathom the pain I feel within my heart to know that I am no longer yours. 493 more words