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Break My Heart

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Have you ever looked at someone and thought “I wouldn’t mind getting my heart broken by you”? 447 more words

Poetry And Short Stories

Wordle #68

Your unshaven face accumulates

As flotsam in the wince of my smile.

I’ve a predilection for problems

Their development, their pithy reconciliations,

Sex that ends with rictus and begins with fire. 69 more words


No beautiful goodbye....the more you know you realise what you don't...Part one

“Fed up with my destiny, and this place of no return, think I’l take another day, and slowly watch it burn, doesn’t really matter how the time goes bye, cause I still remember you and I, and that beautiful goodbye” (Lyrics, Beautiful Goodbye, Amanda Marshall). 1,317 more words

When I’m missing you and want to call,
I go to sleep instead.
Because in my dreams the clouds are gone, the sky is clear, my minds at peace, and we are walking hand in hand.

Life Is What You Make It♥

Unsent Words

Fire between my legs,

Itch I can’t scratch,

Cat in heat howling at the moon,

Stirs when I think of you,

Thought only girls caught butterflies, 45 more words


A year.

A year ago, we were strangers.
A year later, we still are.
In between, you gave me a lifetime of memories.

Graciously Yours!


Feb 26th 2015

I found healing in writing seeing my pain be written out in Black Ink reminded me of all that I went thru and how I managed to stay sane when everything around me was evilly consuming every part of who I was. 28 more words

Broken Woman