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Stitched Heart

A stitched up heart

Is hard to fix;

It’s already been torn apart.

Those scattered shards

Will pierce you sharp

The moment her tears drop. 23 more words


Little Story #7

My words to you were written in blood. They bled of passion, fire and heartfelt love. It was beautiful to you in the beginning. What of the great attention and care being showered upon you? 135 more words



When standing here

with you

I don’t know what to do¬†

or who to be

A lost and broken


Holding out his


I don’t know…

23 more words
Kait King


You know nothing about vulnerability if you don’t shuffle songs after songs restlessly just to find that perfect one to stay with the night.



In the moments I have loved you the most, you were not there to feel it.



It’s the saddest thing when you are able to visualize living without someone whom you had once declared “can’t live without”.



When did this room,

A place I found comfort,

Become a prison cell?

The place we used to laugh in

Leaves me joyless.

Where we used to lie together… 60 more words