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My Dinner With Beethoven

My belief in God, it turns out, is partly described by My Dinner with Andre. Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory have dinner in a restaurant in the 1981 film. 993 more words

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Memorial Day

Many people wrote and spoke to me after my brother died. I learned how important it was to hear from people, to hear anything. Any word from a human being was important. 999 more words


Reviews of In This Blue Room

In the Philadelphia Inquirer, David Patrick Stearns reviewed the first of the premiere concerts of In This Blue Room—the cycle setting four poets inspired by the batik paintings of Laura Pritchard—and in the Broad Street Review, … 609 more words

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Seagulls In This Blue Room

They thrill me here, the seagulls. Above the Beneficial Savings Bank building on Broad at Chew Avenue, a block north of Broad and Olney, they weave and mull over a large billboard that sits on top of it. 968 more words

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How to Have a Composing Career in 10 Easy Steps

If you haven’t seen the article on how to write a symphony, you should check it out, because it’s filled with incisive advice like “Be inspired,” and “Eventually each theme will become a decently long movement.” This got me to thinking about something bigger than a symphony or even composing itself. 961 more words

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Music and Killing

“I don’t play guitar anymore. Too much killing.”

My rule for cab drivers and barbers is, if they don’t talk, I don’t, but if they do, I do. 902 more words

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Merry Christmas to all

The reindeer antlers, protruding from the car we had been following for some blocks, led us down Castor Avenue. I said to my daughters that this was an excellent example of something I would never, ever, do—stick antlers on a car—but was happy that someone else would. 934 more words

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