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Amusing News for a Friday Afternoon (February 27, 2015)

I cannot speak for everyone, but I think this was a pretty exhausting week. The weather was lousy. Work was crazy. I think we can all look forward to February being over, right? 529 more words

My Britney Spears Collection 2015 (Video)

Hello Britney fan’s i made a new video showing the new shelf new chair and new merch hope you like it..

Added to My Britney  Video’s 


Britney Spears's Winter Style

- A hooded camel wool coat for examble from Shopbop 611.20€


- Striped black and gray wool scarf for example from O’Connell’s Clothing $145… 79 more words


Oh, snap! Christina does Britney impression

After all this time… the battle between Pop Princesses rages on…


10 Things We All Do When We're On Our Own | NotAnotherBeautyBlog

I thought this one would be quite a funny one to do for many reasons. One being that a lot of people would read these blogs on their own, making it like a personal joke with oneself and also because sometimes we don’t even remember we’ve done things, or notice we are doing them, until someone like me comes and points them out! 706 more words

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Britney Watch: 3 New Songs Registered on BMI

On Feb. 14 Britney Spears fan-site BritneyGalaxy.com announced that there has been three new Britney songs registered on BMI.com.

BMI is a webpage that dedicates itself to the archiving of every song ever written, recorded and finalized by artists and musicians across the globe. 218 more words

Experiment: eating six servings of chocolate & reading Women's Health

On a rainy afternoon, preparing to take the long train ride from Marylebone to my mother’s house, I scoured WHSmiths for some entertainment and picked up some chocolate and a magazine. 1,449 more words

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