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A love letter to PBS and Masterpiece

Dear PBS and Masterpiece,

I am writing this letter to you to express my undying love for your willingness to share British television with anglophiles like myself. 361 more words


The Crimson Field: When You Instantly Love A Show That's Already Been Canceled

PBS hasn’t made much of a fuss over The Crimson Field, a WWI drama that originally aired on BBC One last year. In fact, it’s been far off in the shadows of Poldark, a Masterpiece Classic and already-predicted fan favorite featuring the ever handsome¬†Aidan Turner. 446 more words


Obscure Topics: The Meat to this Blog's Sandwich

So, intro over. Still with me? More fool you…

Nah, jokes. Thank you for sticking with the program. I’ll try and do my best.

I figure before actually giving you anything of particular substance*1 I’d give you a bit of a “Who the hell is this guy?” run-down. 558 more words

Cure For The Obscure

Channel 4 Humans

Last Sunday at 9pm Channel 4 premiered new highly anticipated drama, Humans. The promotion for this sure to be hit went above and beyond expectation, convincing many that the company that creates the so called “synths”, robots designed to look and talk like humans and act as servants, was actually real. 624 more words

British Television

Critical: Season 1

Sky have pretty much built their business on buying in shows from other countries, but gradually they’re starting to do their own productions and commissions and Critical is an interesting, although not necessarily completely successful, entry into that list. 495 more words


Here's Why You Should Binge Watch 'Black Books' Immediately

Summer’s practically here, and with that comes the end of the regular television schedule. Sure, you could go outside and enjoy the sunshine, but the real world can be¬†exhausting. 911 more words