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100 films in 100 days - 28 Days Later #100films

The 40th film in my 100 film challenge is 28 Days Later. Here we have another film I have wanted to revisit for some time, mainly because a lot of people like it and I wasn’t that fussed by it the first time round. 163 more words


Turner Face The Strange

Performance (1970) dir – Nicolas Roeg/Donald Cammell

Yeah, woeful play on words/song lyrics right? (See Bowie’s Ch..ch..changes and Turn by Therapy?) Well, it’s not as if anyone is actually reading this blog – cue tiny violins played by circus freaks being pushed off a cliff – anyway…huff. 302 more words


The Images of Mr. Turner

I do not have very much to say about Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner other than to urge you all to seek it out.

Despite the fact that Leigh’s… 430 more words


28th June - Press Article from overseas!

Good Morning Max Payne Retribution Fans!

A little write up we found on us on GamrRage in France, which is so amazing to know we have fans already outside of the UK! 10 more words

British Film

Biggles (1986) | Yuppies, Punks, Tower Bridge and Peter Cushing collide in a 1980s-fused Boys’ Own Adventure

Based on WE Johns’ much-loved 1930s adventure stories, the 1986 fantasy Biggles: Adventures in Time was a valiant attempt at bringing his legendary RFC flying ace hero to a new generation, but with a sci-fi twist. 563 more words


The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (UK, 1966)

Directed by: Martin Ritt. Knowing next to nothing about Martin Ritt, and knowing very little about Richard Burton (other than that he’s Richard fucking Burton), but having gone through a major Le Carré phase last winter, I was shocked that I hadn’t yet seen this damn thing, and so I decided to… 896 more words

The Big Bond Countdown - 'Thunderball'

Sophie continues our countdown to Spectre with Thunderball. Once again Blofeld proves to be the biggest pain in Bond’s arse as he sends his right hand man Emilio Largo to steal some nuclear warheads; and holds the world to ransom for $100 million. 787 more words