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Movie Review: Locke (2014)

If I told you about a 90-minute movie where everything takes place within the interior of a car and there are no car chases, you probably wouldn’t be interested in seeing it. 293 more words

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Being kneed in the nuts by The Guardian: film criticism from across the divide

Our feature film High Tide has been on release in cinemas for nearly a month now and we’ve been delighted by audiences’ responses to it. As explored in previous posts it is a profoundly terrifying process when you expose your work to the eyes of strangers; you spend years gestating a project, loving it, nurturing it, meeting its every need like a doting parent or soppy pet-owner and become increasingly flustered as the time necessarily approaches when your pride and joy, your vessel for all that affection and heed, must leave your care and confront its fate in the murky world of other people’s opinions. 1,446 more words

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The Guns of Navarone (USA/UK, 1961)

Directed by: J. Lee Thompson. I don’t know what compelled me to check this out, but it’s an old, classic WWII movie with Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn and David Niven, and it’s directed by the guy who did… 432 more words

Does it matter that only 7% of British films make a profit?

According to this article from the Guardian Entertainment section, “Just 7% of films made in the UK turn a profit, according to figures revealed by the BFI… 167 more words

Blog Posts For Film Studies Year 12


Since I started this blog I have come into contact with many people who work within the British film industry and recently I have started to get requests for me to review films and recommendations on films I may enjoy. 282 more words

Dawn Addams in lingerie

Dawn Addams: British actress who acted opposite some A-list stars but mostly appeared in B-grade movies, died at age 54 from lung cancer.