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can you lose truth? (daily hot! quote rehab)

Some of us run from people and situations that cause us to look at ourselves honestly, at those things that seem too difficult to face. What the uncomfortable situations and relationships have to show us is as important as a great work of art or fine poetry or profound scripture. 500 more words


The Gift of Insecurity

Lately I have been battling with a gift that I was given in my childhood that I would like to call:


IT is a gorgeous bombshell of a woman, dressed to the nines wearing the gorgeous 5″ spiked heels I can no longer wear because of a running injury. 241 more words

The Medallion

A medallion  could be

a decoration to see

honours who wears

a design to care

could be for bravery

also for  the integrity

might refer to discipline… 65 more words


Celebrate Yourself

I know you don’t see yourself as I see you…

I know you don’t appreciate the strength that I see when I look at you… 45 more words

Beauty and Belief

I didn’t get a chance to write this post Saturday to wrap up the month of “beauty” because I spent most of the day helping one of my closest high school friends get ready for her wedding and then helping her celebrate. 752 more words


Daily Featured Bracelet

Larimar is one of my personal favorite gemstones!  This bracelet is gorgeous!

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Ornate sterling silver cuff bracelet with 15.5mm x 20.3mm oval larimar center. 7 more words

Daily Bracelet