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Consciousness is the awareness of existence.  It is the knowing that you are much much more than what you have been defined or limited by.  It is the realization that you exist beyond the physical, mental, emotional and spiritually manifested aspects of your existence, beyond any one particular defined circumstance or reality. 369 more words


因为她增光我与她的感情 / For she has graced me with her affection (for Ruby W.)

My friend so far yet so near
may all things whisper in your ear:
You are cherished always, in every way,
when near at hand or on some trek.
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Tragedy of Brilliance

Things that are bright attract us. Have you ever just sat and stared into a campfire, watching it flicker, change colors, rise and fall? We are well aware how a moth is drawn to a flame, or a deer stares into bright headlights with no realization of the oncoming danger. 329 more words



For my long-time followers, you may recognize this one from the past. Just trudging through my post history right now.

Up in the night sky… 9 more words


Good Morning Gorgeous

Stop thinking too much. Its alright to not know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

Today’s Affirmation: I am brilliance, I radiate brilliance and attract it into my life.


¨We Only Want What's Best For You.¨

Ah yes, those infamous words. Everyone one of us has experienced them at least once in life, whether from a friend, doctor, therapist, family member, or significant other. 444 more words

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