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bestie day: 'Made' of Honor

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own.

+update: I said yes to being maid of honor for my bestie!

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Junior bridesmaid

If you have a young girl that you would like to include in the wedding, but she is above the age of 8 or so, you can instead consider her as a junior bridesmaid. 24 more words

Flower girls

A cute little thank you gift is a nice gesture to give the flower girl as a lasting memory of her being part of the wedding. 448 more words

Your Flower Girl

Flower girls traditionally take part in the wedding ceremony and walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers and drop flower pedals as they proceed. 164 more words

Your Bridesmaids

The time with your most-loved ladies on the morning of your wedding can be some of the sweetest from that day.

Memories of 2011....

….when I made these gorgeous, red bridesmaid dresses for my friend Nikesha‘s wedding.

Yesterday, I was organising the thousands of photos saved on my laptop and I came across this photo, one taken in my messy room when I lived in Victoria Park with a crazy woman called Helen and her cats. 56 more words