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Custom(ary) tipping

“Satu rm satu rm” the officer said urgently.

I passed over a blue note. He chopped my passport and let me pass.

This is the malaysian, thailand border, where corruption is a legitimate way of life and hawkers can set up their food stall right beside the custom checkpoint. 110 more words

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How banks, corporations and governments use mainstream media to brainwash us

(NaturalNews) Increasingly, the news we see (and the news that never becomes public) is increasingly being controlled by monied corporate interests who wield control using their advertising dollars, and by governments that seek to censor information they consider too revealing. 631 more words


School Holidays

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If you work from home and have children of school age, the words that will drive an icicle through your heart and into your bowels are; ‘school holidays.’ We are coming to the end of the Easter holiday’s in the UK. 394 more words


Reward or Bribe?

When it comes to parenting, a wise grandfather told me, “never reward bad behavior“. He is gone now, but I wish that I had a chance to tell him how often those words have popped into my head and how helpful they have been. 257 more words

Bribery! Works Every Time!

It’s hard enough on the holidays when the kids constantly tell you they have nothing to do, they’re bored, arguing over silly things, telling tales, not allowing mummy to blog… you know what I mean! 294 more words