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A New Stratocaster Switching Configuration

Leo Fender got some things dead right and they have stood the test of time.  His Stratocaster* is one of the most versatile sounding electric guitars ever produced and it is still going strong, some sixty years after its first incarnation.  3,330 more words

Music Technology

How To Play Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives- Guitar Cover with guitar tab

Queen – These Are The Days Of Our Lives guitar cover with guitar tab on screen to make learning this song easier

The song is in the key of C… 249 more words


Aspiration – what’s that all about?

Are you suffering from aspiration fatigue? In a week when Labour leadership contenders were falling over themselves to urge the party to do more to appeal to ‘aspirational’ voters it’s not surprising we’re already tiring of it, especially when it’s described in terms of nothing more than where we shop, or want to shop. 540 more words


Freddie's Legacy

I’ve been meaning to write this blog entry for some time, and I think while all the hardcore Glamberts are recovering from the surprise appearance of Underground last night, it might be a good moment (I will be catching up on all matters Adam in the near future though, don’t worry). 1,791 more words


Questionable Time #137

Good morrow lemmings, and welcome to the…UKIPocalypse? Or perhaps not, considering that Fightin’ Farage seems to hold on by the skin of his increasingly yellowing teeth every time. 1,292 more words

Question Time

No To Fox Hunting… Obviously

Red foxes have caused major concerns for pet owners after reports that they could be carrying more deadly parasites.

Residential pets are at the highest risk for catching the spreading disease. 159 more words


Queen "Tie Your Mother Down"

“Tie Your Mother Down”

The single version of Tie Your Mother Down might be the hardest rocking song that Queen every put down on vinyl (at least that’s our opinion). 243 more words