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Appreciation Meditation - for you (self meditation)

Find a comfortable position for meditation. This may be seated on a meditation stool, cushion or seated on a chair.  Either sitting cross legged or with legs straight out and wide legged. 258 more words

Self Meditation - Amity Yoga

40 Day Sadhana - Week 1 Breath Awareness Meditation

Sadhana refers to a spiritual practice that is undertaken with focus and intention. Yogis for 1000s of years have done their sadhana in the recesses of Himalayan caves without the disturbance of outside distractions from their inward journey to the infinite. 334 more words


The Last Breath

Breathing is an indicator of whether we are alive or not.

We come into this world taking our first breath with somewhat of a struggle as we inhale this new substance called air. 514 more words

Breathing Spaces

Breath Awareness

I am creating a major transition in my life. As a result, I am attending as many yoga classes as possible to keep me balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. 460 more words


Soul Musings/Day 29: Bring Yourself Home

So often we simply don’t register the bodily processes that keep us alive and well.

Nor do we express daily gratitude for this miracle called body. 263 more words

Breathing Spaces

Soul Musings/Day 26: Living With Passionate Awareness

A shallow contracted breath is like running away from your own life experience.

We have to breathe.

Choosing to do so with passionate awareness brings opportunities and risks. 242 more words

Breathing Spaces