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Breastfeeding battles

As I sit here, typing with one hand, one leg crossed under me, the other (after 15 mins of veeeery careful manoeuvring) out in front, feeding pillow wrapped round me and a baby enjoying the longest feed known to man, I have a chance to reflect on how different the story was only 2 days ago. 650 more words


What is a "Good Birth"?

My husband and I often talk about how much we plan to shelter our children.  We both know families whose kids have been completely sucked into the worst of pop culture; but we seem to know even more families whose attempts at sheltering their kids backfired badly.  814 more words

Once upon a midwife – Once upon a mother to be

Once upon a midwife – Once upon a mother to be.

Being a midwife and being pregnant is more than challenging. I certainly found it hard to walk around, each day, carrying both the precious life within me, and the vast store of knowledge about pregnancy, birth and motherhood that was being added to daily. 1,177 more words


i want most of my posts to be helpful, but on occasion they will be more emotional. Today i wanted to talk about the changes moms go through. 961 more words


What's Your Drama: Mother-in-Law Wants To Breastfeed Grandchild?!

Some people just attract drama… Others seem to bump into it.

This is proof we ALL have it!

Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on… 27 more words


Relactation: Week 0

On Friday 2/20, I started pumping and taking Fenugreek. I have a double electric pump that I got through my insurance. I’m calling the past week “week 0″ because I’m going to consider it more of a prep week for my rigorous attempt at relactating. 202 more words


Daily Health Tips: Am I At Risk Of Breast Cancer If I Don't Breastfeed My Baby?

Q: Doc, good evening ma’am. Please, I have some questions for you. I am a 1st time mom and my baby is 2months old. She sucks from one breast and this has made 1 breast to be bigger than the other and my mom said it will make me have breast cancer when I stop breastfeeding. 416 more words