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Daily Health Tips: Am I At Risk Of Breast Cancer If I Don't Breastfeed My Baby?

Q: Doc, good evening ma’am. Please, I have some questions for you. I am a 1st time mom and my baby is 2months old. She sucks from one breast and this has made 1 breast to be bigger than the other and my mom said it will make me have breast cancer when I stop breastfeeding. 416 more words

Acupuncture Keeps You Strong During Your Battle With Cancer

Valerie Harper recently revealed in an interview with AARP Magazine (March 2015 Issue), that she had been receiving acupuncture regularly and drinking teas her acupuncturist was giving her as adjunctive therapy for the cancer she was battling.    244 more words

The 33rd year of my life :) How I met breast cancer

I’ve been in two minds on writing this blog… but it feels important to document something that will be taking up the next 12 months of my 33rd year of life! 1,073 more words

Breast Cancer

The Discovery

I found it February 6, 2015, during a self-exam while showering. The moment my finger trailed over the hard, baby pea-sized mass, the world stopped. I knew exactly what it was, and no words can accurately describe the wave of emotions that washed over me in that moment. 194 more words

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor turns to crowdfunding for bone loss treatment

A Vancouver woman who survived an aggressive form of breast cancer is now facing another battle for her health.

After undergoing six months of chemotherapy, Bernadette Leno said she is dealing with severe bone loss in her jaw, believed to be a side effect of the treatment, which makes it difficult for her to chew properly and speak. 437 more words


Freaky Friday (don't worry...it's a GOOD freaky!)

Oh, friends, have I got an update for you! Hang with me through the end…

I think I have mentioned that 2014 was the “year of cancer” for me. 343 more words

Breast Cancer

Karma Saved Me?

One small part of the SVC Syndrome diagnosis and dramatic hospital story that I didn’t include in the original posts is a little detail that really should be unrelated; however, in my mind, it might be very much the reason I am able to blog and share this story with you. 841 more words

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