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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Below are stills from our incredible vacation. I wish we were still in Kauai — it’s the most magical place on this earth (in my opinion).  6 more words

Life After Cancer



Longing to.

Longing to be.

Longing to belong.

Longing to be understood.

Longing to be more than before.

Longing to be share words I have here. 56 more words




One thing

One thing I

One thing I wanted

One thing I wanted you

One thing I wanted you to

One thing I wanted you to know

I love you.



Need for speed

There is in me an inherited desire to race up the worlds tallest spire.

Born in adrenalin sweat soaked need each day seeking new speeds. 150 more words


Hello, bound and determined


Bound and determined to succeed, I’m back.

Regardless the challenge, God, You are my rock.

You are the healer of my loves Cancer.

Thew great and awesome savior, My Lord. 113 more words


May Day

It’s May Day.  As a kid I remember Mom sent us outside to pick flowers and leave them for the neighbors.  There wasn’t much to choose from but we’d find a few crocuses, violets, some forsythia, daffodils, and of course, dandelions… 388 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor

Hello, it is possible


It is possible to understand better through suffering loves rewards, I’m back.

Knowing that trouble fills life’s walk but isn’t its only facet.

It becomes evident when we see the world as a journey, a journey of faith.. 160 more words