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A certain matter lays heavy on your heart. You try to forget it. Forget him. Forget her… but it just keeps coming back up again. You keep replaying what she said or what he did and the pain is just as real as it was the day it happened. 89 more words


He asks. He always asks. He always asks if I love him. He never asks what type of love I feel.

Love is nothing but a pile of chips stacked on a roulette table. 333 more words

Something I used to stand against.

In a way, I used to sort of stand against the idea of a couple breaking up and getting back together. I was rather judgmental with the whole concept. 575 more words

Rants & Ramblings

Enough Waiting

There’s something romantic to me about the whole process, driving to an airport, boarding a flight and arriving at a foreign destination. Miles away from anything you know. 1,607 more words


I’ve been single for almost a year, and it has flown by. Time flies whether you’re happy or miserable, I’ve learned.

There were so many times where I didn’t think I’d make it through another day without my ex. 402 more words


How to breakup (1)

Hi readers!
Relationships are one of the normal things everyone is bound to go into in the course of their lives. Because of a reason or another, the relationship might not be what you want it to and you’ll need to end it. 196 more words


Let your past make you better, not bitter.

If I’ve learnt anything from my latest relationship ending, it’s that a horrible break up can make you incredibly bitter and cynical towards the person who has hurt you. 743 more words