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One Day

I hope that One Day love I will be able to believe you

I hope that One Day I could overcome my doubts
And overcome reality. 48 more words

We stay with people...

We stay with people who bring tears to our eyes more than smiles to our faces.
We stay with people who make us feel like shit about ourselves and reassure the doubts we’ve always had. 71 more words

25.2 Happy Details

Think about the good times

Her in your kitchen dancing

Without music or rationale

But heartbeats’ symphony.

Pause on that look on your face

Studying her sleep in secret… 125 more words



By Rachel Wong

It’s the feeling of butterflies, millions of them. They start in your heart and begin to fly from your head to your toes and out towards them. 1,107 more words



I saw a light not just any light

It was a golden light just like the sunset that meets the horizon every day.

Goodbyes are painful, yes they truly are. 30 more words


Happy Anniversary (to my ex)

May 2 was the 1 year anniversary of the breakup with my ex, I hadn’t have any contact with him in over 6 months but I sent him this because I wanted to and more importantly, because I needed to: 567 more words


Am I still Cinderella?

Do I believe any longer in “happily ever after”?  I was having this discussion with a friend a mine a few days ago, where I was explaining that I didn’t believe in it anymore, that my ex was my “dream” come true that I was happier than I’d ever been.  513 more words