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Isn’t it ironic the amount of time I’ve spent mourning you?

That I’ve stopped finding your imperfections and started collecting mine

Like souvenirs that stick to my cells… 67 more words



When we first met, falling in love with you was the last thing in my mind but when it it finally happened, I didn’t ever want to go back. 425 more words

Golden Girls Heart

Day Twenty Six of One Hundred and Thirty Three

Word Vomit: GO

Man, today was ROUGH. It started out cute….met a friend in SF before work for lunch and ate at Park Chow. Braved traffic back into Palo Alto. 214 more words

Day Two: Denial

You’re sitting here pretending that you’re okay, when in the back of your mind, you know. You know you’re completely hung up over someone that explicitly told you that don’t love you anymore. 167 more words


You seem like trouble to me...

I should have known. I have should have seen myself in you. I should have recognized the signs. I should have heard those words that I have spoken so many times. 305 more words


Here's to being single!

Yep, I’m single again and I’m quite happy. I dumped Mr. Blue Eyes last night. He just wasn’t what I wanted. He says I broke his heart and all this other crap, but when you don’t talk to someone I don’t see how they are very important to you. 211 more words

Life In General


I miss her. We went months without talking, and now, even though she’s chosen not to ignore me anymore, we only talk about the day, or “How’s school going?” “Busy,” she responds. 159 more words