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Those 2 words.

Do you recall the moment when your mate told you? Those 2 little words that would forever change your life? No….not the mushy 3 words…those 2 deafening words….. 119 more words


Two Months: Day 25

You’re still excited about being accepted.

Also, you’re paranoid like a motherfucker.

Last night, you started getting paranoid about the idea of him cheating on you if you both went to different schools. 352 more words


I am not trying to break your heart

But, in fact I am. You will never read this, but that doesn’t matter. I was your girlfriend but I can’t be with you anymore. You drain me of joy, drag me down, drown me in your pain. 115 more words


The Hold you have on me

Do I really know what I want out of life? I used to think I did, I used to think I had it all planned and that every move I was doing, would lead me to what my heart wants. 523 more words


No Sleep

I consistently go nights with only a few hours of sleep, like tonight. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all. I dread falling asleep actually, it pains me to dream. 1,348 more words


Where I Started To Where I'm At

I had this day dream one day while I was taking a walk in the city by myself. I was listening to my music with my head low and my hoodie on, just walking. 3,135 more words