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Friend / Abandonment

Seeing you

After so long

Brings me no peace

You the same

Your smile reaches you eyes

All that’s left is why

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I could not say this better.

An open letter to the person who pushed the person who loves them away

Dearest beautiful person,

There are things in life that not everyone understand. Everyone walks the same path day by day. We experience pain, sadness, loneliness, happiness and everyone is not exempted. 684 more words

Life At Random

Hung up on you.

Los Angeles breathes her.

My return here has only brought anxiety.

I’m surrounded.

God, please help me get over her.

She couldn’t give me what I needed or deserve. 26 more words


My After Life

Therapist wants to do EMDR.

This is not my life. This is her life.

She could not visualize. I scoured the internet for images of serene landscapes and rooms. 78 more words

life Classes

So… I always imagined myself as a priest right.  I love healing and spelll casting.
I could patch up anything that needed fixing. Wounds, pains and hearts. 288 more words

My Life

Advice: Letting go of my ex

Ed note: Our dear columnists, Miss Sunshine & Shy Desi Boy, are back! Send them your sex, love & relationship questions to advice@loveinshallah.com. And check out our… 1,331 more words

Muslim Women

Day 19

Dear X,

I thought that I was getting a handle on this life without you, but last night a wrench was thrown into the gears and everything derailed.   456 more words