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Getting up, brushing off and moving on: with or without vodka

Hey guys, Lauren here.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where my life is going and where I’ve been and all sorts of philosophical crap. 1,735 more words

10 Things No One Wants To Hear After Enduring A Life-Altering Breakup

By Ashley Massis |  Elite Daily ©

I never thought of this time of the year as “breakup season.”

Then, when I ended a long-term relationship and six other couples ended theirs within a few week’s time, I started to think something must be in the water. 899 more words


letting go.

Here we are,
Back again with our hands tied too tight behind our pride.
Words lashing away at each others emotions in a torrent of childish screams. 200 more words


nerve wrecking..

Things are back to the bad-side. I literally do not understand this man. And sometimes I wish to have my ex-boyfriend back.  Things were so much easier with him, because he was a lot more like me personality wise. 499 more words




Feeling anything would be good. I would settle any emotion; any, even anger. Anger would be good. I would love to feel angry at you. 75 more words



why did i listen to that voice.

why did i fall for you

why did i go on that date with you

why did i let you brake that smile… 61 more words

What are your friendship requirements?

Dear diary,

I recently received a breakup email—for lack of a better term. It was from someone who I considered a good friend, so it was quite unexpected. 1,473 more words

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