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03.23.2015: Germany defies NATO; is breakup of NATO / EU imminent???

Paul Sandhu, Mar 2015

Germany slams NATO European commander’s comments on Ukraine as ‘dangerous propaganda’ – A top NATO European commander’s exaggerated comments on the Ukrainian conflict are …

Time: 16:36

World At WAR


When I see you, I crumble. Everything inside of me falls apart. With a single look, the castle that I have carefully built for myself crashes to the ground and I lie paralysed, devastated, in the rubble and dust. 140 more words


Did Jennifer Lopez and Casper Ever Breakup?

Was Jennifer Lopez and Casper’s breakup was all business?

Last June the couple called it quits after rumors of Casper looking for love elsewhere… turns out the couple kept their love on the low while they worked on separate movie projects. 38 more words


13 Signs It's Time To Break Up With Your BFF

It’s important to evaluate friendship in your life the same way you would a romantic relationship. Do you enjoy this person’s company? Is this a healthy situation? 154 more words


With Grace

By Erin Davis

Breakups hurt. Let me rephrase that. Breakups really, really hurt. My breakup with my first real boyfriend when I was 16 remains one of the most painful experiences of my life. 866 more words


Three Truths Ignored

I didn’t get married with the intention to get divorced. As I look back and reflect on my journey leading up to my marriage, I have come to realise a number of truths. 284 more words


I find myself asking this question all the time. How do you just move on from someone who seemed to be “your world” and just continue with your life like they never were? 10 more words