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Theatre of the Oppressed

In the end, no matter how it starts, the same pattern plays out over and over at demonstrations in Israel-Palestine; the same drama, unfolding in the same acts. 792 more words

#29: Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence

by Diane Chamberlain

Finished: March 25, 2015

My Goodreads rating: 5 stars *****

I bought this book awhile back, towards the beginning of January, so it’s been sitting on my shelf of books to read for some time. 527 more words

Book Review

When Strangers Pray & Plan

It was a mid-afternoon interruption…

Sound asleep in my chair, March 7, 2014, the doorbell startled me awake. It had been an exhausting few weeks, in my search for an agent to represent my book, and I had signed on with… 852 more words

God's Love

The Abortion Controversy - Program 1 Breaking the Silence - Dianne Wagner’s Story (Part 1)


The dramatic story of an Adventist woman who experienced remorse, guilt, bulimia, and low self esteem following two abortions and how she was led to conviction, repentance, confession and freedom by a concerned and loving friend. 11 more words

Pro-life Stories

The Sound of Broken Silence

I imagine that it must be pretty quiet in space. Drifting out there through the cosmos.


“Your job sounds so fascinating”

She replays that Toni Braxton song for the fourteenth time while cleaning my teeth. 848 more words


Education under occupation

The 25th of February marks the anniversary of the massacre that took place at the Ibrahimi Mosque, in 1994, where 29 Palestinians were shot dead, and another 129 were left wounded. 137 more words

The Traumatic Word (3)

This is the third post in a series on “The Traumatic Word.”

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All that glitters is not gold.

— Old commonplace…

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