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Almond Butter, Banana, & Chocolate Breakfast Oats

This recipe is one of my all time favorite breakfasts! Its so simple to make and they set in the fridge overnight so they’re great for a grab and go breakfast. 190 more words


10 Pumpkin Recipes to Pump You Up for Autumn

Anyone who’s met me knows my favourite season is autumn. My favourite type of day is one that’s a bit cold and crisp but still sunny. 415 more words


Banana Oat Bread

I have a true love / hate relationship with bananas. As an extremely picky eater through my childhood, I did not eat bananas regularly until I was 23. 640 more words


Bacon and White Cheddar Quiche

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Is there anything that sounds fancier than quiche? When I hear the word ‘quiche’, I think of elegant mini-quiches served on silver platters by white and black clad waiters at an oceanside wedding. 1,517 more words

Nightshade Free

Protein Punching Smoothie

If your training hard make sure your help your muscles recover by feeding them with the lost energy and the protein it needs. Protein will help your personal progress in the gym and will help shape your body whilst also preventing training injuries. 63 more words


Over Easy Eggs & Potatoes

I have the sweetest tooth possible. I have never understood the idea of something being “too rich”; I really cannot tell you what that means. Nothing has ever been too rich for me to eat and even go back for seconds; I have to physically restrain myself from eating too many sweets at times. 768 more words


Tropical Summer Protein Smoothie

I know the colour doesn’t look too tropical but that’s only because of the yummy almond butter! The summer is arriving and my organic Abel & Cole weekly delivery is starting to get exciting! 168 more words