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Diary Entry - 17th March

My dad told me today that he had heart failure. Immediately after he made a dick joke. He looked confused as to why I wasn’t amused. 122 more words


Diary Entry - 9th March

My mum won a competition to a comedy festival in Glasgow. It included first class train travel and four star accommodation. Realising I’d been down recently she was kind enough to ask if I wanted to go to her. 110 more words


An epic moan

You know what I find funny?

I find it funny looking at social media and the constant array of bullshit that people feel necessary to make sound a thousand times better than it actually is! 747 more words

Nice Tits, Bitch! by Honor In Anarchy | Review

Six months later, Honor In Anarchy dropped this single. The band shows the same style from their EP, but with a new twist. In this song, we finally understand the reason why they’re called Trombone Cloud Metal. 329 more words


Second Listen Breakdown: To Pimp a Butterfly

  1. Wesley’s Theory – Is meant to show a young kid who just “made it.” Making poor financial decisions and being pushed in the wrong direction by the record execs who are trying to make as much as possible off of him, the expectations of white america for black success, and the overall culture of celebrity and success in black america…
  2. 703 more words

Why do I keep seeing this? - 4 Things You See in Every Bob's Burgers Episode

If you’ve seen as many episodes of this show as I have, by now you’re probably beginning to pick up on all the little things that happen in each individual episode across the series as a whole. 359 more words

Bob's Burgers

Go with the flow

We’ve had a difficult couple of nights. This week, we’ve started putting Sam into his cot at the start of the night but, surprisingly, this hasn’t bothered him. 585 more words