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Top Steelers plays of 2014: A holiday celebration of defense

It’s the best American holiday. With that, we see lists of all kinds on the Fourth of July. Does it have something to do with the fact there’s no news, and we’re looking to maintain our posting schedule? 861 more words

Steelers Wire News

Anxiety. Excitement. Same thing!

There once was a time… pre nervous breakdown, pre anxiety disorder, pre fear of the fear that equals the panic attack, that I THRIVED on anxiety. 234 more words


The Wedding - Chapter One (first draft)

SATURDAY         20:37

‘Kill All Ghosts’


A fair crowd had turned out for the big day. As its climax threatened, he stood with his back to the bar, his weight leant against it, a pint of Kronenburg in his hand. 4,901 more words


The Wedding - Prologue

FRIDAY       09:24



The screaming woke him with a start and for a moment he could still feel her wrists clenched in his hands.

“Jesus! Jay! 489 more words


My first Job

A long time ago I got a job mowing lawns.

It wasn’t my first ever job. It was my first job since my breakdown three years ago. 150 more words


The Lord's Prayer: A Guide and Explination

The Lord’s prayer has been spoken for many generations, at home, in school, at church and many other places. The words have been drilled into the minds of children, basically before they can even talk. 656 more words


How To Cope With Uncertainty

I am no stranger to change. It has come into my life several times lately. In fact, if I were to assign a theme to the last 2 years of my life, it would be “uncertainty”. 1,143 more words