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Dear Life,

Chocolate pudding and glass cups shouldn’t mix.

Today I accidentally dropped a cup full of chocolate pudding and I’m pretty sure it was one of the toughest clean up jobs I ever had to do. 62 more words

Dear Life...Give Me A Break.

Rest Time

After 22 weeks of training, I have never been more excited about a break.

The only workout I did this week was walking my dog at the trail, and a bit of walking through DC. 194 more words

Why does everyone want to be a programmer?

Caffeinety is a religion and the coffee break is it’s sacred ritual. It is practiced daily by gathering like-minded people and worshiping the Caffeine God. It is your time away from work and your chance to socialize at the work place. 746 more words



You’ll never tell if you’re really wounded or not… Never express the feeling of being wounded or share the pain you’re feeling with someone, even if they were really¬†close to you, they will never feel the same like¬†you do… you just need to inhabit the feeling and live with it. 71 more words

Good Day Out

Today we had a huge surprise, our dear friend M came to visit! M decided that today he would visit us for a nice day out. 242 more words

Thankful And Grateful

If these walls could talk.

Silence overtook him as he paid witness to his world shattered. His body became a temple of emotions he never knew, emotions he never could have imagine. 489 more words

Manage your time

HELLO, everybody! YES, I know, I did not write and absented for along time, but really that was not my mistake 424 more words