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Festering wound

You’ve got what you wanted. This is what you asked for. Not in the exact sense of what truly happened. But the result was near to the same. 108 more words


There is this weird thing that happens in my family. It seems as though when I walk into any situation with any two family members I turn into a walking target. 456 more words



Her green eyes bit into
His grey mind,
Stony, then warm,
Hard, then compassionate,
Boring into his clouded conscience,
Reminding him of
Her welcoming smile, disarming… 49 more words

Rough patches are codes in disguise. You can either choose to break them, or to let them break you instead.

Random Rants And Reveries

spring break

TV special on Spring Break in Florida.  Lots of drinking, lots of bad drugs.  Bad guys coming in to sell drugs.  Girls passed out on beach.   114 more words


AHHHH! It’s finally spring break, I’ve been waiting for this week all semester! I only have two classes and they are pretty easy but the paper work and deadlines for transferring has been so stressful. 395 more words


Kenapa namanya 'Rehat Sekejap'?

Hidup gue, dan mungkin kalian juga, penuh dengan dinamika, kita ngga pernah berhenti bergerak atau berpikir, karena kita adalah manusia yang memang diciptakan oleh Tuhan sebagai makhluk yang (diharapkan) dapat memaksimalkan fungsi otak dan mengintegrasikannya dengan otot serta organ lainnya dalam kehidupan kita sehari-hari. 533 more words