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It's all getting old...

I’ve said so much on this blog, emptied out all my embarrassing thoughts and poured over all my disrupted feelings. I talked about how I see myself and how obsessed I became when I fell in love with someone who now chooses not to be part of my life. 342 more words

Tumblr is a time capsule

Recently I have decided to make a lot of my Tumblr posts private. I feel like I have finally moved on from the things that brought on my depression and so I did not want the posts I made at that time being accessible. 141 more words

Looking Back

Where Do I Even Start...

Hi, I’m Windie. Remember me? I used to blog about lingerie sometimes.

So. What have I been up to…

In the last four months, I ended a seven year relationship, made plans to travel and work abroad, have begun prepping to move house in May, and started dating a boy who just boarded his plane back to Japan, his home country, last Tuesday. 846 more words

General Updates

The Reasoning announce that they are to split

Progressive rock band The Reasoning have announced that they are to split after 10 years together.

Rachel Cohen and her bandmates say that they are parting on amicable terms. 261 more words


It's Time For Spring Break: What Should you Know About It?

For some of you, especially in the North East, Spring Break can’t come fast enough.  You’ve been  blanketed with snow it seems like since the beginning of the year, and the thought of the warm sun on your face is driving you through the work weeks. 966 more words

Andy's Life


Spring break and March go hand in hand. Sometimes it means a trip to the beach (to escape all this cold weather!) or it can mean a ski trip (to further embrace the cold weather!). 16 more words