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Smart Lyrics about Breakups

Without music I think I’d literally go insane. It’s nice to know that some people have been able to turn feeling shitty about love into very relatable art forms. 753 more words

june playlist.

summer has begun. its time to chill out, soak up the sun, and make some new memories. june came in with a splash, creating a chaos of emotions in my life. 207 more words


Ghost World

When it comes to breaking-up, there’s no such thing as a friendly ghost.

A moment of silence, please, in honor of the Charlize Theron / Sean Penn break-up. 864 more words

Break Up

05:49pm Rihanna - Skin

Work soon. Ugh.

So much has happened in the space of a couple of hours. Where do I start? I think there is a bit of flirting between me and Tom and it’s weird. 323 more words

Break Up

Indefineable Space

This weekend was one of those where you feel like you had some epiphany that’s supposed to change everything, but then you wake up on Monday and you’re like, “ugh, this again.” 1,276 more words

Being Single

Memories Pt. I - The Real Reasons Behind The Dissolution of My Previous Relationship

As a starting memory, I understand that this would probably be seen as something exceptionally personal to write about. And it’s true. Relationships and the end of them is something that a vast majority of the world’s population have been through. 2,096 more words


The Flagstaff Fight

I had finished my masters.

Clawing, digging, reaching with every ounce of me that didn’t want to be a failure, I finished. I finished without extension, and without exception. 1,320 more words