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Single And Fabulous!

After hours of crying, listening to Beyoncé and watching endless episodes of Sex And The City it was time to snap out of it!

Being single opens up a whole new world of opportunities! 144 more words


Heart Pain

i wonder when this will stop hurting so much. I get waves of being ok…but then it hits me like a tonne of bricks. I miss my best friend. 268 more words

Daily Struggles

10 signs which say ‘it’s time to break-up’

Absence of correspondence

Correspondence is one of the establishments of a sound relationship. Absence of it can make a break in this bond which increments with time. 579 more words



This couldn’t be, the poet in me
Delightful disease, trapped right underneath
I couldn’t tell you what need
Or show you with these eyes what I have seen. 134 more words


Of course I'm wide awake

I left my parents’ house ready to fall asleep only to be lying in bed without being the least bit tired. I’m trying not to think, too. 124 more words

Session 3/4/15- Unsent message

I had counseling today.  Most of the discussion was about the break up.  Also the ex-girlfriend sent me another text this morning.  I talked a little about the triggers from Wednesday contributing to me taking the 6 valium and the Nyquil because she was under the impression that just the break up is what destabalized me.   473 more words

Background Information

Seeking For Happiness

What has made your heart race faster lately? (Other than HIIT traning?) What has made your heart skip a beat? How about taken your breath away? 381 more words