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Feeling worthless 

A few weeks ago you may remember my post about my partner of 6 years breaking my heart and cheatng, leaving me for someone else. This happened over 3 weeks ago and by now you would think I should be feeling a little better but sadly I’m not. 419 more words


Breaking up with my grocery store

3 blocks away really blew me away.


Oreos and Ruffles have never been so cheap.

Too cheap?

When I think big picture, I don’t see your pitcher. 72 more words



are like the moon

you stay long enough

to make me fall

completely head over heels in love with you

you light up my darkness… 25 more words

Letting Go

Let's Fly

I’ve dreamed of the day when we would board that plane to Italy- just the two of us. I dreamed that we would be so excited we wouldn’t be able to sleep the previous night and we would stay up all night talking about our itinerary and anything we may have forgotten to pack. 91 more words

Day 121

She snorts when she laughs. He doesn’t mind though, in fact he thinks it’s cute. She also likes to steal things. He doesn’t find that cute. 347 more words

Short Stories

What Was I Thinking?

I overlooked your wonky eye,
Your stutter and stammer too,
You never cleaned the toilet,
When you took a mighty poo.

You were always letting rudies, 718 more words


A Letter to My-Year-Ago-Self

Dearest me,
Please listen, please,
He’s simply
Not the one for me.
Why do you choose
Or forget to see,
The tricks he has
Been playing on me. 605 more words