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Third stage 

I’ve hit the third stage. This is the point of a relationship where my insanity has overtaken any chance for things to normalize. Like cancer, it’s the last stage, where nothing can control it, all you can do is watch yourself die and maybe make most out of it while It kills you.


When I Text You

I wonder what goes through your mind when I text you. I wonder if you see it and get angry, sad. If you shake your head and lay your phone down and walk away. 489 more words

....and I'm single again.

I am so sick of dating. You get dressed up, fight off the nerves, and go out to a coffee shop or restaurant to meet a stranger. 207 more words


Week Two Got Me Missing You

I have been waiting all day to have a moment to write. I went to work, drove home, picked up my sister from school, cooked dinner, did the dishes, and ran errands first; I’ve gone from summer-off-from-college mode to full-time-mother mode. 2,315 more words

You are Hollow !

You are hollow when you are feelingless.

You are hollow when you are egotistical.

You are hollow when you blind away from the truth.

You are hollow when you envy. 50 more words


Like a Fool

Dear Ex,

I try to write posts about you often – I often get the sense that there are words that need to come out. But I thought of you tonight, whilst I was choking down tears that had appeared from nowhere. 925 more words

Last Time

Go ahead; hit me with your best shot

Time and again, I gave you all the right moments

But c’mon now, is this all you got? 139 more words