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Un-dead EXs and The Shocking Normality Compared to a Former Existence

Somewhere along my proverbial ‘line’ I all but stopped writing. The critic, aka. ‘my annoying inner Gremlin’ repeating: “What’s the point? You have nothing to say. 906 more words

When you look at him who do you see?

When you look at your Person of Addiction (PoA) who do you see? Describe him or her. Write it down. Good qualities and bad. Is he avoidant? 232 more words


Did We Say Goodbye


Did we ever say goodby?
Or did we just walk away?
Like nothing really matters
to our hearts anyway?
I’ll pretend if you’d like me too… 135 more words


Almost everything I wish I'd said the last time I saw you

I wrote a letter, seven pages long to be exact of every single detail I loved about you, every memory I cherished with you and everything I hoped for us to be. 590 more words

A Distant Memory of You & Me

Why do we keep on losing the people we love? They are the people that we believe and promised to grow old with. All those years that you’ve spent together will be put into waste. 131 more words