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I'm Breaking Up With You, Wings

I’m currently in the midst of making some decisions that will drastically alter my life. I have ignored, hid from, dodged and ran away from this problem for too long, and now the change will be painful. 304 more words

all at once

four months

feels like four lifetimes

and four seconds

all at once


it slips past us

and yet everything

seems to go so slow… 18 more words

Letting Go

You Saved Me

Sometimes I hate myself. I hate that I remember you, everything about you, our brief moments together. They were very few but somehow those memories are embedded in my head and in my heart. 845 more words


"Storm Clouds" -- To myself and all the others

Sometimes clouds appear
In the shape of
A tall, dark, and handsome boy
With crescent moons
In his cheeks
And stars
In his eyes
But that doesn’t mean… 35 more words

Break Up


Your body was a map,
Veins spreading across
Like highways
My fingertips traveled down.
Sometimes quickly towards
A destination,
Sometimes slow just to
Enjoy the view, 8 more words

Break Up

"Strangers Again"

You’ll stand over there
And I’ll stand right here
And you’ll pretend you didn’t even
See me
And I’ll pretend I can’t feel
Your gaze piercing through me… 54 more words

Break Up