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Alphabe Thursday ... B is for Brazil

B is for Brazil the home of my youngest child.  She has lived there with her partner for several years. Her roots are here in UK, one day she may return but until then we live our lives as normal but as a distance. 109 more words


Pickup Truck Drives Across Wooden Planks To Board Ferry

Can you say dope of the day. Well it’s the perfect example of a bad idea going unexpectedly well.  A YouTube video shows a Toyota pickup driving across 2 wooden planks onto a ferry.  67 more words


Episode 1: What Being Brazilian Means to Me

“For someone on the outside, it may look easy. You know, samba, beaches, fit people dancing samba on beaches… that kind of stuff. But Brazil is way more multifaceted than that.” 257 more words


Things I've come to realize after my trip to Brazil

It’s been three days since I got back from an almost unplanned trip to Rio de Janeiro and although coming “back to reality” is not such a bad thing when you happen to live in San Diego, California (which is like living on an ongoing vacation by the way) I am having a hard time trying to process that one week of amazing experiences. 332 more words


Birthday in Brasil - Maracana

The second event of my birthday was spent visiting the world renown Maracana stadium where the 2014 Rio World Cup was held. I remember watching the World Cup one year ago, thinking about visiting Brasil one day and thinking about it as if it were some far fetched concept. 365 more words

Mexico, Germany to host NFL games?

This should be very interesting but I hope they are pre season games .

A potential return to Los Angeles dominated the headlines leading into the NFL Annual Meeting earlier this week. 212 more words