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More about Salvador

Pelourinho is an idealized version of reality made entirely for tourists. The part that tourists explore is attractive, well-conserved and very safe – there’s at least one police officer at every corner even at night. 916 more words


The Multilingual World

Teaching is always a good thing, especially English. I find very fulfilling to pass my knowledge forward, to show to my students how important a second language is for their life, either when abroad or even professionally speaking. 573 more words


Liz Cafe- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Liz Cafe was a small coffee shop that I happened to pass by one day and decided to stop in for a cup of coffee.  The place seemed to be well-known for their variety of crepes.   64 more words


Coffee Lab- São Paulo, SP, Brazil

When I first walked into Coffee Lab I was utterly impressed.  This shop has outdoor seating with tables surrounded by plants and lights as well as indoor seating.   206 more words


Juve and Barce battle for next big thing

Gerson Santos da Silva may not be a name many football fans outside Brazil have heard of but the Fluminense midfielder is being tracked by some of Europe’s giants. 337 more words


Father and son duo 'smuggled 600kg of cocaine on a yacht to Europe'

A father and son were arrested after allegedly transporting 600kg of cocaine on a yacht from Brazil to Europe.

The pair were arrested by Austrian police, and it is believed that the father had spent time in a Croatian jail, where he met another drug dealer. 192 more words


5 Peculiar Eating Habits of Brazilians (or so I am told)

When it comes to food and table manners, each culture has its own do’s and don’ts. What is polite in one country may be extremely rude in another, and even simple requests can be met with dirty looks (tell me, France, why can’t I have coffee with my dessert?) I’ve come a long way adjusting to life in the US, but I still hold on to some habits that are a constant source of amusement to our American friends. 638 more words