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Police have replaced army in Mare slum in Rio de Janeiro #Brazil

The huge slum which is plagued with gang violence was being ‘pacified’ by authorities in time for the 2014 World Cup.



Mission #getthevisa: A Recap.

If anyone out there is looking for a little test of character, I know just what you can do! First, decide to travel to a foreign country and submit your visa in plenty of time (say 8-10 weeks prior), then find out 3 weeks before you leave that there was an issue and it won’t be ready until a week after your plane is scheduled to leave. 710 more words


#United buys 5% of #Azul Brazilian Airlines and step in #Brazil

NEWS FLASH – United is stepping in the huge brazilian airline market thru the acquisition of a 5% stake in Azul (Brazilian Airlines), the third largest airline in Brazil, after… 921 more words

Airlines Market

Christ the Redeemer

I always imagined you could see Christ looking down at you from all over the city, but the first time I saw him was as we were coming around a tight corner on our bus up to Corcovado mountain. 198 more words


and so it ends…

Like all good things it’s time for every adventure to come to an end. Looking back over the last six months I still believe that Odyssey are the best overland company to travel South America. 133 more words

South America

Rio's samba school parades in 2016

As reported in Critical Divide’s Rio: The Guide the draw has been made for main parades of the major Rio samba schools, the  Grupo Especial… 122 more words


A Gringo's* guide to Rio

I was anticipating such an easy ride when I got to Brazil. I figured I’d be yarning away in English to all my new Brazilian mates, working a sweet job at some international news agency (or, at least, cornering some job that only native English-speakers can get here), living in a gated community… 1,736 more words

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