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Iguaçu Falls: Three tips and a load of gratuitous pictures

Visiting the Iguaçu Falls from the Brazilian side is more or less foolproof. Just turn up, go see the Cataratas, and then get the hell out of there. 321 more words


Beating the heat in Paraty

We arrived in Paraty on January 10th. I wouldn’t recommend it. To be honest I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere in Brazil in January. After a beautiful Christmas and New Year in Trancoso and Salvador, we made our way back to Rio for a few days. 1,026 more words


Day dream

On the horizon, a sailing boat
A lonely soul at the helm
Eyes closed, meditating
Boat on its own, course setting
Take her to the destinations’ dream… 16 more words


Day 17: Anti-World Cup protests in Brazil

Context to protests –

Brazil spent around £6.5bn on the World Cup, what government officials and media were calling ‘the greatest show on earth’. It was the role of Brazil’s street artists, however, to paint this in a completely different way. 275 more words


The foodie traveller in … São Paulo state, Brazil

The Leão Vermelho is a quirky dining experience held in the chef/waiter/bottle-washer’s grandparents’ house and inspired by Harry Potter.


Day 13: Hybridity - The Cannibalist Manifesto and Tropicalia


Tropicália, or Tropicalism, wasn’t a style or a movement as much as an atmosphere, a rush of youthful, cosmopolitan, liberationist optimism that broke over Brazil like a sun shower and soaked into everything: art, music, fashion, film, theater, literature. 513 more words


Brasil ~ 1909

So I decided that, when an image is related to something specific of that day, description will be on together with the image, so the intention is immediately shown! 476 more words

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