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From the "you probably shouldn't have said that" file

When you’re the defense minister of a country that has nuclear weapons but won’t admit to having them, citing Hiroshima and Nagasaki as models for dealing with the professed greatest threat to your country’s existence is, um, an interesting rhetorical choice. 507 more words


The power of the correction, or why Jonathan Chait's "point" doesn't "stand"

Jonathan Chait is mad at Harper’s because the Putin-loving (?) lefties over there aren’t making any damn sense:

Bromwich explains that the campaign to defame Putin reached its nadir when Obama’s minions descended upon Putin’s own country to arm his enemies with cookies:

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David Letterman and the 2008 election

For some reason I can’t really understand, my wife decided to watch Game Change a couple of days ago. She’s already seen the movie, and I’m not really sure what put her in the mood to watch it again, but she doesn’t understand why I watch… 591 more words

Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Self-delusion is a hell of a drug

One of the peculiar things I’ve always wondered about when it comes to presidential politics is how governors who aren’t even popular in their home states (no offense to you personally, … 435 more words

Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Lindsey Graham campaigns on a "Punish Thoughtcrime" platform

“Wrongthink is doubleplusungood,” says area vanity presidential candidate, adding, “those who commit thoughtcrime must be executed, LOL KIDDING.”

Soon-to-be presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) could be heard laughing on Saturday as he told a crowd of Iowa Republicans that if an American were suspected of associating with terrorists, he would order a drone to kill that person.

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Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

It's been 12 years; how can Republicans still not have a good answer about Iraq?

Earlier this week it was JEB, now Rubio dives face-first into the quicksand:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Wednesday that he would not have authorized the invasion of Iraq given what he knows today, becoming the latest candidate to weigh in on a question that has tripped up likely GOP rival Jeb Bush.

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Brawndo's Got Electrolytes

Sisi and desist

Somebody is releasing unauthorized recordings of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and his top aides, and what’s on them doesn’t reflect very well on Egypt’s Pharaoh Khedive… 388 more words