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Confidence is a turn on

Am I pretty enough?

Am I smart enough?

Why won’t he talk to me?

Did I do something wrong?

Did I say something offensive?

Do I look fat in this? 222 more words


If It's to Be

If it’s to be, it’s up to me. ~Brian Tracy

You and only you are the one responsible for your life. Granted, others impact your life—sometimes negatively but it’s you and only you who decides whether you give up or if you keep going. 114 more words

You Can Do It

Life in an older home

This seems to be the week of stuff falling apart around my house. My closet door fell off it’s track and I haven’t figured out how to put it back on. 248 more words

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Nodding to Beowulf

old monsters measure
the distance of fear
the heroic of heart
can be shaken in time
courage eaten by evil
who stridently bays
in a thundering voice… 150 more words


Writing Wednesday: Facing The Fear

I have spent most of my life afraid. People, bullies, teachers, matches, glass that might break, stairs, roads. To a greater or lesser extent, I have been scared of them all. 366 more words


Bucket list #20: Befriend a stranger.

I have this other nonsense thing on my bucket list, which is to introduce myself to a total stranger. No friendship coming out of it or anything like that. 951 more words


And the sun will rise again!! :)

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Saturday!! Weekend!! Holiday!!

What could Nepalese people ask for more on Saturday? Since it is the only holiday after 6 long hectic days, we always desperately wait for Saturday.

413 more words