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The Youngest Two Bratlings

If you hadn’t of already guessed, photography to me is the air I breathe, its everything I am, its my safety net, its my security blanket 210 more words

Taking photo’s is easy according to him, pick up a camera and snap and voila done!! Oh really dear? I mean really? 359 more words

The Snip? No Thanks!

Ok, so this blog is a oldie rehashed into newish thoughts now we have Pipling too, this was done originals at the start of Pipling’s pregnancy. 921 more words


In this self obsessed age, so many people do selfies, A self portrait, or as I prefer to call it,  *Lets attempt to take a photo of myself from a flattering angle* 225 more words

Litte Miss & behaviour

Now one of the running themes in the last blog was Little Miss and her behavior.  So read on with warning that this is about that again! 772 more words

Icebucket Challenge

This ice challenge, to me is crazy, what was it the other week? Bare selfies or something, cock in a sock? Whilst I think its great to give to charity, what crazy idea are people going to come up with next? 156 more words

The Garden

Late posting, quick test to check this is all ok and looking ok! 10 more words