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Adventures of a preteen niece

I used to be super close with my niece. She was always going places with me and we would have a blast. She would tell everyone she met that I was her favorite person in the world and that I was her bff. 547 more words

Attitude Adjustment

Greetings Twenty-Six

It’s been a month since my 26th birthday and I am overjoyed with the outpouring of love and acknowledgement that I received this year. It’s truly a blessing when you are loved, and when people think enough about you to want to make you happy and recognize your special day. 193 more words


Unity Through Music

Brother directed by Aleksei Balabanov was first screened at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. Danila’s journey takes us through the chaotic events following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 109 more words


What Foods To Eat When You're Sick

Health.com talked to an expert about the best things to eat and drink when you’re sick.

Here are five different things, depending on what’s wrong. 196 more words


One and a Half Princesses

This is a romantic comedy about a spoiled brat.

Expecting one of those cliché stories about a pretty, snotty girl who encounters instant chemistry with a solid, responsible boy but ends up arguing with him like crazy? 150 more words


Bedtime Chocolate

Little Stacy was whining,
Screaming, and crying
She wanted some chocolate before bed
Her sister was fed up
With all of her whining
It was making an ache in her head… 120 more words



A friend of mine posted this week on Facebook that it was her fifth wedding anniversary.  Being the bratty ginger that I am, I helpfully reminded her that the traditional gift for one’s fifth anniversary is… 38 more words