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Coffeemate Cooler Sell-sheet

The Coffee-mate brand was promoting the line of products to be sold in the dairy cooler aisle at supermarkets and this brochure featured a clever cover that looked just like a diary cooler. 20 more words


Healthy Sexy Hair Oversized Brochure

My very first design job after graduating college was at Sexy Hair, a hair care product company in the valley of Los Angeles. As a small, three person art department, we rebranded many of the product lines including Healthy Sexy Hair. 48 more words


Why Klout Should Matter to Your Business


History, Features and Channel Type

Founded in 2008, Klout is a website and mobile application that aggregates social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence. 1,270 more words


Fierce Excerpts: Are websites just wierd slow apps with nobody in them?

Now Reading | The Next Internet is TV


These words got my attention when I read this article: What was even the point of websites, certain people will find themselves wondering. 564 more words

Fierce Strategy + Creative

Which online travel agents will survive?

By way of background, apart from consulting to a number of travel agency brands, 5 star hotel groups, tourism destinations, government tourism authorities, cruise lines, airlines, loyalty clubs, resorts and even a travel magazine, I’ve also owned a retail travel agency in Sydney, an online cruise business and a holiday cottage. 777 more words


Building Your Brand: Who Are You!

Friday morning I had the awesome opportunity of listening to Carol Isozaki, the founder of Strategic Brand Intelligence, talk about how to build your leadership brand during a workshop hosted by… 823 more words

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Bedow - Adisgladis


February, 2015. Visual identity and communication concept for Adisgladis, a small shop in Stockholm retailing clothing, accessories and gadgets — all products researched for a positive way of living. 23 more words

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