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Melon & Crunch Bran Pots

Serves 1 time: 10mins


½ x 200g pack melon medley

150g pot fat-free yogurt

2 tbsp fruit & fibre cereal

1 tbsp mixed seed… 27 more words


What is Stabilized Rice Bran?

The Enrich Blend in ZEAL WELLNESS includes Stabilized Rice Bran, but exactly what is stabilized rice bran?

[Re-Read] A Clash of Kings - Bran V


Alebelly comes to get Bran because there has been a message from Robb. He takes him to Maester Luwin’s turret, where Rickon, Big Walder, and Little Walder have already gathered. 2,079 more words


Brașov, Romania

On the road again

Just can’t wait to get on the road again.

As I sang the melody to Willie Nelson’s 1980 classic for the hundredth time that weekend, I was reminded of…

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Bran the Blessed and Jim Gandolfini - gigantic heroes!

I was not long back from the Mabinogion Festival weekend in Aberystwyth, banjaxed by the depth, richness, emotional power of this sequence of Welsh medieval tales, and knocked out by the courage, skill and brio of the six storytellers. 661 more words

Myth And Magic

Romania: I Peed in Dracula’s Castle

Last weekend I accompanied two friends and fellow Central European Teaching Program members – Rosti and Carlyn – to Brașov and Bran. Prior to departing, Carlyn and I packed things for us to do: she was to knit a scarf and I had planned to seal our bond in thread by making friendship bracelets.   1,242 more words

Central European Teaching Program

Into the White (2)

Remember this post: http://callofnatureblog.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/into-the-white/ ?

This year it was time to “move” to the mountains. The mountain landscapes are beautiful in every season, yet when it snows they have a charm of their own. 118 more words