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Inspector Simon Mart and the stolen matchstick

‘I was on the island of Lotl Ire Esain in the Archipellago,’ Inspector Simon Mart wrote in his text editor, ‘where I encountered a strange case. 202 more words


Brainteaser Theme 5 - Traversable Networks

 A traversable network is when you can follow a route taking in all the paths without lifting your tracing implement.

As an alternative recreate the networks in large scale / lifesize format for Scouts to move around. 14 more words


Brainteaser Theme 4 - Jigsaw Puzzle

 Purchase some suitable puzzles from a charity shop,around 100 pieces work well.

Scouts make puzzle in fastest time – without the picture to help of course. 43 more words


Brainteaser Theme 2 - Big Matchsticks

Use simple matchstick puzzles but go large scale with broom handles or garden bamboo canes.

Have a few ready to fill time.


broom handles, bamboo canes, challenges… 14 more words


Brainteaser Theme 1 - Mastermind

Play a simple game of Mastermind. Can be done on paper if need be.

One person (leader?) chooses four colours, they keep this secret. The Scout team then have to guess the pattern of colours. 68 more words


February Briainteaser

Can you figure this out:

At some time in the future, Simon will be 38 years old. At that time, he will be three times as old as Gill. 47 more words


What comes next?

What number comes next in the following sequence?


You can check your solution here