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Mix it Up...for Brainpower

As a personal trainer, I often advise my clients to mix up their exercise routines to keep their muscles and their mind challenged. Science has taught us that regular bouts of exercise produce adaptations in the neural connections between our brain and muscles. 351 more words


You should become an entrepreneur! Heard that before?

We would all like to be visionary thinkers and achieve great things but the truth is that not all of us are built for it. It’s hard to dream new dreams, invent new dreams and even harder to get yourself going and do. 579 more words


The importance of a great network or how to make friends

Most people understand the importance of having a great network of people to trust, ask for advice and discuss various projects with. I have found that the more different these people are from each other – the better the outcome and accuracy. 713 more words


Ways to Boost Your Brainpower

Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase your intelligence, so you could think more clearly, make wiser choices, and achieve more in life? Now neuroscience is revealing that there are some ways in which you can naturally boost your brainpower. 670 more words


The Point: A Short Piece on World Peace

What happens when we finally attain world peace? When there is no need for centralized governments, organized religion dies out and we find the perfect system to distribute resources without killing incentive. 373 more words

Self Expressions

I can't find my inbox and other challenges for our brains

At times I find myself having so many windows open on my desktop I can’t even find my inbox. When that happens I always end up closing down windows, trying to find my way through the processes and ideas I have browsed through during the day and it amazes me how much data I consume on a regular basis. 531 more words