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Engaging Life ~ The State of Your Attention

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” ~ Mary Oliver

The Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hahn, captures the essence of paying attention – … 1,716 more words


End of Mags and the Gang, Book One


I’ve decided Chapter 29 was the last chapter for Book One of Mags and the Gang (I really need a better title). There will be more adventures with Mags in the future, but I’ve decided to put her away until I’m ready to bring her out again. 375 more words


Consumption of Orange juice is good for ageing brain

Drinking orange juice could help improve brain function in elderly people, says a new study.

“The population is ageing rapidly across the world. Estimates suggest that the number of persons aged 60 or over could triple by 2,100. 323 more words

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Scientific Facts about the Serious Harmful Effects of Pornography.

I came across the following article recently and thought I must share it for public benefit. As we are all aware that porn is easily available and many people are addicted to it, reading the following article may help understand the dangers of this phenomenon. 1,185 more words

What Memories Are You Not Making?

What if you can’t remember your past because you never actually made memories? Is that worse than making them and then forgetting them?

I wonder who will tell this present when it becomes the past? 472 more words



In psychology class we learn that humans are generally unreliable witnesses. We don’t remember the details and our brains connect the dots, and we don’t realize when this happens. 559 more words

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How Does My Brain Change with Age? - Infographic

This infographic contains a lot of good information on the development of our brain over the course of our life.

I have to add, however, that I believe the outlook for our later years is significantly brighter than is suggested here. 16 more words