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A walk in the woods

The trees were quiet overhead as Henry stepped over the fallen log. New England was rarely silent out here; the woods were living, seething with activity in a more eager way than the encroaching cities. 681 more words


What am I recovering from exactly

I’m supposedly in recovery right now. I just wish I knew from what exactly.

Although I had a suicidal ideation episode, I don’t think I’m in a major depressive episode right now. 705 more words


What Happens to Your Brain After 36 Hours Without Sleep?

Original post from Big Think


Your brain does weird things when it goes too long without sleep. I remember friends regaling me with military tales of hallucinations from sleep deprivation training. 297 more words


Word of the Week


A poorly understood neurological condition characterized by difficulty in making certain motor movements in spite of normal muscles. Different forms of the condition exist, such as orofacial apraxia, where people are unable to perform certain movements involving facial muscles (for instance, winking  or licking their lips). 109 more words


What we hear is subjective

We hear what we want to hear and what we expect to hear.

What am I referring to? Not just the meaning of what is said (semantics: matters especially when we try to recall events – we are more prone to remember that something was said which matches our beliefs and expectations, even if that may not be true), but also pronunciation (phonology and prosody) which I’m gonna go on about here in more detail. 352 more words



I know I’ve been quiet. A post is long over due…

It’s been so hard to discipline myself to write. My mind is like the end of a badly but piece of rope… I can’t seem to get all the fibres to line up enough to thread them through the nerves that make my fingers form the letters. 79 more words