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Is there a mathematical formula for happiness?

It would be so easy to achieve happiness if we could apply a mathematical formula. Like working out the area of a room in order to lay carpet. 634 more words

Brain Training

Brain aerobics

One of my first brain research projects involved the effects of brain training. I started my research based on the hypothesis that mental training would be the ultimate tool to keep the brain healthy and stave off age-related diseases like dementia. 1,528 more words


Daily Challenge: 5/3

“The dynamics of capitalism is postponement of enjoyment to the constantly postponed future.” -Norman O. Brown

Today is a rest day.  Not a lazy rest day, but an active one.   169 more words

Daily Challenge

somethings, big and small

I have found a really great way to improve motivation and help me to realise my options is to check in, morning and evening – a little review, if you like. 531 more words

Brain Training

Daily Challenge: 4/30

There have been numerous studies showing the benefits meditation (whether secular or religious) can provide to the body.  These benefits include reduced levels of stress and reduced rates of stress induced conditions, lower blood pressure, and improved heart rate among others. 294 more words

Daily Challenge

Brain Training With Learn 2 Focus

The brain is responsible for everything from attention and focus to timing and motor function. When neural connections are either weak or faulty, it can result in a many developmental, processing or other learning disorders. 248 more words


When What You Want Hasn't Come Yet!

It’s so frustrating, when you think you’ve been focused, and you get excited and look forward to getting the money/relationship/job/car etc., and then you keep looking for it and it doesn’t come! 628 more words

Law Of Attraction