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Hot off the presses! Ethical issues with direct-to-consumer neuroscience.

Ethical issues with Lumosity and other Direct-to-Consumer Brain Training
Games by NEW Leader, Dr. Karen Rommelfanger and her graduate student Ryan Purcell.

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Protecting the brain.

The joys of growing ever more old!

Last Saturday, in a humorous post called Cognitive Ageing, I wrote:

Or put another way: I can remember everything except the things I forget.

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Weather doesn't know what its doing here!

We have had a couple of weeks of sun here and although some days have still been cold, seeing the sun makes all the difference! I got lots of my vegetable seeds sown, got my allotment tidied and repaired where needed (I have a disabled plot with waist high raised beds to save me bending and means I can garden whilst sitting). 766 more words


easy DIY brain training games

As you may know from some of my previous posts, that Coal doesn’t like to eat his breakfast out of a bowl! He likes it made into a game so I saved all my toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes (and got my friends to save theirs as well!)I fold one end of the tube and fill it with dry complete meal biscuits. 271 more words


Computer games: Discovering the benefits of brain training

Much has been said on the negative effects of computer games. In fact, one wonders whether playing computer games has any benefit at all. There are many articles about individuals dying or suffering from either dehydration or malnutrition as an effect of computer game addiction. 298 more words

Dual N-Back Game

Dual N-back or n-back game is a brain training game which helps improve working memory and fluid intelligence. The n-back brain game focuses concentration by typically displaying a figure on a board, the figure then appears in different positions and the player has to remember the position of the figure one turn or two turns back. 452 more words

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Articles from psychologists on brain training, brain fitness, intelligence, improving memory, raising IQ and brain health developments in science.

Brain training increases IQ and Scholastic Ability… 1,345 more words

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